We are Intechnica

We use technology to solve problems and create value.

Founded in 2006, our team is filled with people from a range of backgrounds, careers and skills.

Senior Leadership Team

Our Vision

To make technology make a difference.

Our Mission

To help businesses increase their value through technology.

Our Values

We are a team

We believe in efficient teamwork and systems.

We are determined

We strive to deliver positive change and don’t let obstacles stand in our way.

We are open and flexible

We are humble and professional.

We learn and teach

We strive for excellence but are pragmatic and evidence-based.

We are agents of commercial growth

We help our clients and ourselves grow and succeed.

We are innovative

We solve problems creatively and encourage new ways of thinking.

Our Approach

We’re quite different from most consultancies. That’s what makes us great. We prioritise transparency, communication and partnership with the businesses we work with. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter frameworks or rigid processes.


Businesses trust us to assess their technology because we apply our experience in building technology to each report.


When we advise our clients, we use the knowledge gained from assessing hundreds of technology businesses and delivering digital products.


For our build services, we use the lessons learned from assessing top businesses and advising management teams to deliver technology that creates value and makes a difference.

Our Story

It began with Glastonbury. In 2005, Jeremy Gidlow and Andy Still built a web platform for the UK’s largest music and arts festival, enabling it to handle the online traffic from hundreds of thousands of people trying to buy a ticket at once.

A year later, Jeremy and Andy founded Intechnica to provide blazing-fast, high-performance web platforms to some of the biggest brands in the UK. Before long, dozens of businesses were trusting Intechnica to build and deliver their technology.

Building on this performance expertise, Intechnica released TrafficDefender and soon began providing due diligence assessments for the private equity industry. In 2018, Intechnica founded its sister company Netacea, going on to become a leading name in bot management and cyber security.


Our founders Jeremy Gidlow and Andy Still create a platform to sell tickets to the 2005 Glastonbury festival.


Following the ticket selling system’s success, Intechnica was founded to provide high-performance web platforms to a wider market.


Following nearly a decade of building software for tech-enabled businesses, Intechnica creates TrafficDefender, a web traffic management platform.


In the same year, private equity house ECI turns to us for help with technical due diligence before purchasing a large hospitality business. That due diligence report was the first of hundreds to come.


Following rapid growth and success, Intechnica secures a £5m investment from Mercia.


TrafficDefender is combined with bot management software developed in-house, and our sister company Netacea is born.


Netacea becomes an independent brand, leading the industry in bot management. It successfully raises a £9m Series A round.


Intechnica launches its first Global Delivery Center in Krakow.


Intechnica is acquired by Crosslake Technologies and is now accelerating Crosslake’s European presence.


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