Gayle Durham

Gayle Durham

Gayle Durham is a Managing Consultant at Intechnica in Manchester and London.

She has over 20 years’ experience in technology and technical service delivery including experience in Product Development, project management, operations and Technology Consulting. 

Gayle has worked within a variety of sectors, including consultancy, manufacturing and eCommerce. As well as providing business continuity services to organisation in both the private and public sectors, focused on quality assurance and business benefit.

In a previous role, Gayle was responsible for supporting the strategic relationship between software owners and their clients, identifying and mitigating the risk for end users that can occur from the implementation of a new system or software applications. Gayle has worked with organisation such as Marks and Spencer, Barclays, BT, Sky, William Hill and HSBC.   

Gayle specialises in due diligence and governance for mid-market private equity houses. Delivering consultancy services across a wide range of clients and industry sectors specialising in due diligence and governance for mid-market PE houses. Gayle helps Intechnica clients achieve business success with technology, by assessing technology systems, recommending innovative solutions and helping to define change management programmes.

Key Experience

  • Due diligence and governance for mid-market private equity houses.
  • Defining change management programmes.
  • Identifying and mitigating risk for end users.