Muktar Mahama

Muktar Mahama

Muktar Mahama is a Product Owner at Intechnica in Manchester.

He works with an Agile team to deliver features in sprints and with a UX team to improve customer experience. Muktar completes backlog prioritisation and product road mapping to deliver maximum value to Intechnica clients such as Pets at Home.

His passion is in building digital products that deliver value to their users. As a Product Owner, Muktar works proactively to understand what users do, how they think and feel. He works to create great user experiences on digital platforms.

Since receiving a first-class Bachelor’s degree in Computer Software Engineering from Liverpool John Moores University, Muktar has worked in product development and management for nine years. His past roles include Product Manager at Tesco and Spark Revolutions and Business Analyst for Eli Lilly and Company.

Key Experience

  • Working with Pets at Home to improve customer experience across their digital platforms.
  • Delivered a new mobile experience for PAH customers and in turn, increased the conversion on mobile.
  • Using customer information to make data driven decisions about which features to build, improve or drop.