We provide advice, guidance and expertise for businesses looking to scale. This includes outsourced data science and technology leadership.

CTO Services

We provide businesses with best-in-class technology leadership for both short-term and permanent needs.


We support scaling businesses with advice and strategy across leadership, governance, reporting and measurement, and more.

Data Science

We advise businesses looking to implement data science for the first time, and provide guidance and expertise to those looking to enhance their capabilities.

Trusted by Leading Companies

From the first contact with Intechnica, it was clear they wanted to work with us as a partnership, we weren’t simply a contract. The initial consultation was far more comprehensive than we expected. They went well above what we asked of them, and the communication throughout was excellent. I would recommend Intechnica to teams of any size.

David Ives, CTO at Patchwork

​Intechnica were able to quickly understand the business, technical estate and our technical aspirations. They demonstrated to potential investors, in a digestible way, the key role technology will play in the future growth of our business.

Tony Skeggs, CTO at PEI Media

Recent Highlights

Helping a VC-backed healthcare staffing platform to manage their data more efficiently.

The management team at Patchwork knew that they wanted to make better use of the data, but they were unsure of the best way forward. Following the restructuring of data and some operational changes by Intechnica, Patchwork’s upskilled team was able to manage their data more efficiently.

How we helped a market-leading estate management business save tens of thousands by automating their invoice reconciliation process.

The team at Rendall & Rittner spent 100+ hours every week reconciling invoices, matching payments to landlords and issuing payment requests to their clients. Our team of experts built a bespoke system automating the process, saving the business precious hours each week and tens of thousands in the first year alone.

Building Nisa Retail an ‘always available’ B2B portal that flawlessly processes 22,000 electronic orders per week.

Nisa needed a development partner to optimise the performance of their OCS, which is at the heart of the business's operations. Intechnica designed, built and run Nisa’s Azure-based CRM system and supported the integration of their OCS with 70 EPOS systems.


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