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Find a CTO to take your business forward.

CTO hiring made easy

We help growing, tech-enabled businesses find, interview and hire the right CTO for them. This includes support across the full recruitment journey, including candidate sourcing, technical assessments, interview support, and more.

Find the right CTO for you

We’re different to recruitment firms. We’re a technology business, with over a decade of experience delivering for some of the UK’s fastest-growing businesses.

We know first-hand what excellent technology leadership looks like, and we know what kind of leadership different businesses require. Tailoring the process to your specific needs, we will help you understand what characteristics your business needs from a CTO.

Reduce the risk of the wrong hire

Making the wrong hire for a strategic role such as a CTO will set back your business plan significantly.

We bring certainty into the process by giving you confidence in your leadership: whether it’s a permanent hire, or an interim until you’re ready. Get the right person for the job the first time.

Benefit from our extensive CTO network

Our network of CTOs only includes professionals with a strong track record.

With a wide network of technology leaders specialising in a range of industries and challenges, we will work with you to find the best fit for your business.

What makes a great CTO?

The best CTOs have the ambition and vision to turn a business into something great. They also have the technical expertise and hands-on experience to make that vision a reality.

Champions of a healthy culture

All high-performance environments share one thing: a healthy culture.

However, we find the most successful CTOs aren’t just a ‘cultural fit’. They bring the right skills and attitude to enhance that culture, setting the business up for growth.

More than just great code

Chief Technology Officers wear many hats. Technical delivery, project management, resource allocation, strategy: many of their responsibilities sit outside of software development. Successful CTOs get the balance right, with strong people and commercial skills as well as deep technical expertise.

Related Services

In addition to our CTO Recruitment services, we create value for some of the UK’s fastest-growing brands by assessing, advising on, and building technology. Interested in finding out more? Get in touch with our team of experts.


Deploy top technology leadership in your business, quickly and flexibly.

Reporting and Measurement
Delivery Enablement
Top-tier CTOs brought to you

Thanks to hundreds of engagements and a wide network, we have access to some of the UK’s top technology leaders.

Regardless of your business’ size and industry, we can help you find a CTO who meets your mission-critical needs.

Support through the full CTO hiring process

Every CTO recruitment project starts with establishing a clear understanding of your business’s needs.

We then shortlist and pre-screen ideal CTO candidates before we start interviewing the agreed candidates on your behalf. Based in Manchester and London, we support businesses across the UK and abroad.

We can provide technical leadership in the interim

If your business is in urgent need of a technical steer, we can step in and deploy one of our interim CTOs or a team of experts to govern your technology function in the short term.

Learn more about our CTO-as-a-Service.

Trusted advisors to the UK’s private equity community

We’ve been delivering technical assessments and advisory services for some of the UK’s leading investors and brands for nearly a decade.

We’ve developed a deep understanding of what industry-leading tech leadership looks like, and we apply these insights to the CTO recruitment process.

Specialists in people and technology

Unlike traditional CTO recruiters, we are also practitioners.

With years of experience assessing, advising on, and building technology for growing businesses, we apply this expertise to our CTO selection services.

Experience across industries

We have helped businesses from various sectors to find CTOs that fit their needs.

Whether you operate in anything from hospitality to finance, we understand that each industry comes with its own CTO recruitment challenges and requirements. With offices in Manchester and London, we provide our CTO recruitment services across the UK.



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