Deploy top technology leadership in your business, quickly and flexibly.

Flexible technology leadership

We provide flexible, on-demand access to experienced CTOs to support existing staff, work on an interim basis, or as a permanent hire.

Excellence through experience

We have been partnering with businesses to deliver excellent technology for well over a decade, supporting some of the biggest names in the industry with CTO advisory services. This means we know what great leadership looks like, and more importantly, we know how to match the right people to projects.

Fractional support, as flexible as you are

Need an exceptional CTO, but not full-time? Our CTO-as-a-Service is fractional, enabling you to increase or reduce the time your CTO spends with you. This means you’ve got the strategic leadership you need when challenges arise or deadlines are close, but you aren’t locked into retaining an expensive resource that you don’t need.

Leverage a team, not just an individual

With Intechnica, you get a CTO who takes accountability and responsibility, supported by a team of our in-house experts working together to provide strategic leadership. This means you get the specialisms and experience your business is looking for, without the wait.

What makes a great CTO?

The best CTOs have the ambition and vision to turn a business into something great. They also have the technical expertise and hands-on experience to make that vision a reality.

Champions of a healthy culture

All high-performance environments share one thing: a healthy culture. We find the most successful CTOs aren’t just a cultural fit. They bring the right skills and attitude to enhance that culture, setting the business up for growth.

More than just great code

Chief Technology Officers wear many hats. Technical delivery, project management, resource allocation, strategy: many of their responsibilities sit outside of software development. Successful CTOs get the balance right, with strong people and commercial skills as well as deep technical expertise.

Related Services

In addition to our CTO-as-a-Service and Interim CTO support, we create value for some of the UK’s fastest-growing brands by assessing, advising on, and building technology. If you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch with our team of experts.

CTO Recruitment

Find a CTO who can take your business forward.

Reporting and Measurement
Digital Transformation
A wide network of tech leaders at your fingertips

All our CTO advisory services are delivered by choosing the best experts based on your industry and needs.

Whether we match you with a temporary or interim CTO from our network or deploy a team of our in-house experts, you will always have the most suitable skills at your service.

Strong commercial focus

As trusted advisors for the UK’s top private equity investors, we are focused on recommendations that protect and generate value.

When you choose Intechnica as your CTO-as-a-Service partner, you can expect technical leadership through a commercial lens.

Technical leadership hand-picked and vetted by us

Through our experience in assessing, advising on, and building technology, we know what successful technology leadership looks like.

We only deploy CTOs and technology experts who have passed our rigorous criteria and select the most suitable experts to lead your business’ technology function.

Experience across a wide range of industries

Through the thousands of engagements we have worked on over the years, we have developed a deep understanding of a wide range of industries.

For each project, we carefully select the best CTO candidate who understands your industry and business requirements.

CTO support when and where you need it

Based in Manchester and London, we can deliver CTO advisory services across and outside the UK.

Talk to us about your location and time requirements, and we will tailor a solution that meets your business needs.

Support with permanent CTO hiring

In the past, we’ve helped our clients make a permanent hire following a CTO-as-a-Service engagement.

If your needs go beyond a temporary or interim CTO, we also offer dedicated CTO Recruitment services.



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