Reporting & Measurement

Make better decisions through enhanced reporting and measurement.

Deliver the reports your business deserves

As part of our Reporting and Measurement service, we examine your business’ strategy and commercial focus. Then, we recommend KPIs, metrics, reporting structures, and schedules.

From there, you can make better decisions more quickly and with greater certainty.

Ensure your outputs align with your strategy

Are things in your business going to plan? In order to operate efficiently, your outputs need to be aligned with your strategy. But it’s impossible to tell if that’s happening without proper reporting.

First, we work with you to consider what to measure. Then we’ll look at why that data is important, and together we’ll find the best way to measure it. We’ll help you to focus your team on the right information, and eliminate time wasted on the wrong reports.

Discover where to focus your resources

Reports and metrics should be clear and directly connected to your commercial objectives. We’ll get you there.

With our help, build reports that reveal exactly where you need to focus time, effort and budget to get results. Go past simply tracking what’s working and not working: start understanding why.

Deploy best-of-breed reporting and measurement

Equip your business with a set of frameworks and principles that clearly demonstrate your progress and outputs to stakeholders.

We don’t just give you guidance: we help you get there. Every engagement includes time with our consultants to ensure that you can actually integrate the KPIs and measurements your business needs.

Measure the right things

Basing decisions on uninformative, unreliable or out-of-date information leads to difficulty. With thousands of ways to measure output, how do you track what’s important?

Make understanding your business easy

Sometimes management teams have an intuitive insight into the performance and output of their departments, but communicating that is difficult. Especially for people outside of the day-to-day running of the business, like investors and external stakeholders.

Our reporting and measurement services provide you with the best ways to demonstrate progress to those on the outside: whether they’re technical or not.

Decisions, informed by data

Data-driven decision-making is a journey, not a destination. We’ll help you to identify the most important, measurable things that impact your decisions.

We’ll also help you to set up a sustainable, intelligent way of reporting those insights. Too much data means that important details get lost in the noise: we’ll work with you to find what matters.

Related Services

In addition to our Reporting and Measurement services, we create value for some of the UK’s fastest-growing brands by assessing, advising on, and building technology. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with our team of experts.

CTO Recruitment

We augment and support existing technology teams, providing specialist capability and extra capacity where it’s needed.

Digital Transformation
Reporting & Measurement advice from experts

We deliver all of our services by matching the right people to your business, based on your industry and needs.

We’ve supported dozens of scaling technology companies across a wide variety of industries, so we know what it takes.

Strong commercial focus

Intechnica are trusted advisors for the UK’s private equity community. This means we are focused on using technology to generate and protect value.

This commercial focus means we can help you leave vanity metrics behind and report on what really matters.

Advisory excellence through experience in building and assessing

We don’t just assess the technology behind leading businesses: we design, build and maintain software for leading companies too.

This means when we advise, we don’t just know what best practice looks like. We live and breathe it.

Experience across industries

We have developed a deep understanding of a wide range of industries, by partnering with hundreds of clients over more than a decade.

We have deep, specialist experience in assessing, advising on and building technology in demanding sectors such as finance, health, eCommerce, gambling and more.

Reporting and measurement support that suits you

Based in Manchester and London, we can deliver reporting and measurement services across the UK and internationally.

Talk to us about your requirements and we will meet your needs, remotely, locally or overseas.

Support with scaling your business

Many of our clients work with us on additional projects following initial advice or assessment.

We can support your business across leadership, software development, cybersecurity, data science, automation and much more.



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