Cybersecurity Assessment

Understand how secure your business is and learn how to protect it against cyber-attacks.

Get a comprehensive understanding of your cyber security

Our Cyber Security Assessment reports provide a detailed, easy-to-understand review of your business’ cybersecurity maturity, and outline how to improve your security in an objective, confidential way.

Understand your resilience in the real world

How secure are you from cyber threats? For businesses looking for a high-level but comprehensive assessment of their security approaches and principles, we provide reports based on the National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Assessment Framework.

For a detailed assessment of technical controls, we also provide reports based on the more rigorous CIS Critical Security Controls framework. Either assessment will highlight areas of weakness, giving you the opportunity to strengthen your business before it can be exploited.

Protect the trust your customers place in you

One of the costliest impacts of a cyber security breach is reputational damage. Cyber-attacks are growing quickly in sophistication, scale and frequency, and no business is immune. When attacks are successful, customer perception is irreparably harmed.

Our cyber security risk assessment reports reveal how at risk your business is from cyber-attack, and explain how to keep your customers’ data safe.

Turn security into a strength

Vulnerabilities in technology are just waiting to be exploited. Don’t wait for it to happen to you. Our cyber security consultants search for security risks and vulnerabilities you might not even be aware of, to help you reduce the threat of a cyber-attack as much as possible.

What goes into a Cyber Security Assessment?

We provide two types of cyber security threat and risk assessments for technology businesses. Each is based on industry-recognised frameworks that use real-world cyber security principles.

CAF Cyber Security Assessments

Our CAF Cyber Security Assessments are based on the widely recognised Cyber Assessment Framework developed by the National Cyber Security Centre.

The CAF provides a systematic and comprehensive insight into the cyber risks faced by a business, which we support with additional, objective insight from the cyber security consultants at Intechnica. It focuses on a wide range of cyber security principles, including some sector-specific guidance.

CIS Cyber Security Assessment

Our CIS Cyber Security Assessments lean on the Center for Internet Security’s CIS Critical Security Controls.

These reports are more in-depth than the CAF assessments, and determine whether specific best practices are in place for things such as continuous vulnerability management, data protection, malware defences, security awareness and training, and more.

Related Services

In addition to our Cybersecurity Assessment services, we create value for some of the UK’s fastest-growing brands by assessing, advising on, and building technology. If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch with our team of experts.

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Get an in-depth assessment of your technology and inspire investor confidence.

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Trusted by the UK’s top private equity businesses

For nearly a decade we have delivered technology assessments for some of the UK’s leading brands and private equity businesses.

We know what investment-grade cyber security looks like and we apply this insight to our cyber security audit services.

First-hand experience from building an industry-leading cyber security business

We incubated our sister company Netacea, a Forrester Wave Leader in bot management.

Through our practical experience of building a PE-backed cyber security business, we know the challenges faced by scaling technology companies.

Save time with our cyber security risk assessment reports

Our team of technology and cyber security consultants, alongside our project coordinators, are experienced in meeting strict deadlines.

Talk to us about your timelines and we will work diligently to fit your schedule.

Clear and digestible reports

Our cyber security risk assessment reports are written to be clear and easy to understand without compromising on technical depth.

You’ll see how your business measures up against the sector average, and how your cyber security holds up against specific threats.

Commercial focus

As trusted advisors for some of the UK’s leading investors, we assess and advise businesses through a commercial lens.

Our actionable security recommendations are always aligned with creating and protecting business value.

Experience across industries

Throughout the hundreds of assessments that we have delivered, we have developed a deep understanding of a wide range of industries.

Based in Manchester and London, we provide our cyber security advisory services across the UK and overseas.



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