Data Science Readiness Report

Find out how ready your business is to take advantage of data science, and discover obstacles and opportunities.

Understand how to turn your data into business value

Every business wants to benefit from data science, but it can be challenging to determine where to start and what initiatives yield the best ROI.

Our Data Science Readiness Report gives you an objective assessment of your business’ data science readiness and capability, paired with actionable steps to start turning your data into commercial value.

Learn your current data capability

By conducting an in-depth review of your strategy, team, data quality, and technology, our experts assess how ready your business is to take advantage of data science.

We carefully measure your business against over 25 key metrics across four focus areas to give you a clear view of your business’s current data science capability.

Discover data science opportunities and obstacles standing in your way

Our report will identify the specific opportunities on how data science can be leveraged to create value and help you gain an advantage over the competition.

Specifically, we’ll look for areas where data is being under-utilised. We’ll also show you where your data has the potential to improve your processes and services.

Get a practical roadmap to exploit data science

Data science consulting is nothing without practical advice. Considering the findings of our assessment, we outline clear and actionable recommendations on the steps that you should take to start generating value through data.

Once the report is finished, we carefully run you through our findings and suggestions.

Intechnica Data Framework: at the core of our data science assessments

We created The Data Framework to objectively benchmark how ready businesses are to take advantage of data science.

Drawing from our longstanding experience in technical assessments, our Framework is at the heart of all of our data science projects and consulting services.

25+ metrics across four key dimensions

Our experience has proven that the success of integrating data science into a business is determined by four factors: strategy, team, quality, and technology.

Building on more than 25 key metrics and over 135 established definitions, these pillars form the basis of the data science readiness assessment.

An individual Data Readiness Rating

A key part of each report is the Data Readiness Rating, which serves as an overall score of your business’ data readiness.

Every rating is accompanied by a comprehensive explanation, giving clear direction that can be used to improve data science readiness right away.

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In addition to our data science consulting services, we create value for some of the UK’s fastest-growing brands by assessing, advising on, and building technology. To learn more, get in touch with our team of experts.

Data Science-as-a-Service

Start benefitting from data science quickly and easily.

Intelligent Automation
Data Science & Machine Learning
Expert team of Data Scientists

Our team of highly skilled data scientists consistently work with businesses from various sectors helping them turn their data into tangible value.

We also collaborate with our technology consultants and subject-matter experts depending on each project. Our data science strategy consulting services are available for businesses across the UK and globally.

Technical assessments trusted by the UK’s top mid-market PE investors

We have years of experience in delivering hundreds of objective technology assessments for some of the leading businesses and private equity investors across the UK.

Our methodical approach to our assessments ensures objectivity and consistency for each project.

Data science consulting with a commercial focus

While the possibilities with data science are endless, we deliver our data science strategy consulting services through a commercial lens.

The recommendations made in our data science and AI readiness assessments always seek to yield the most business value for your company.

Digestible reports for diverse audiences

We are highly experienced in writing our reports for a diverse audience with various levels of technical knowledge.

Our reports are trusted for their technical depth without compromising on clarity and digestibility.

Benchmark against hundreds of businesses across industries

Through the hundreds of technology assessments and thousands of engagements we have worked on over the years, we have developed a deep understanding of different industries.

Based in Manchester and London, we consistently partner with businesses from various sectors around the UK and across the world.

A practical approach to data science consulting

We are practitioners. From incubating a successful AI-enabled SaaS business to building data science and ML solutions for household names, our data science consulting services are delivered with a practical approach.

You can expect clear and actionable recommendations, informed by our over 2000-engagement strong experience.


We engaged with Intechnica to gain a deeper understanding of data science opportunities and identify any potential challenges. The Data Science Readiness Report has given us valuable insight into not only the potential opportunities of data science in our business and any barriers to this but also opportunities to develop our current ways of working.

The report was presented and discussed in a way that can be understood from a business perspective (and not just for IT professionals) and demonstrated a real understanding of our business and our objectives. The in-depth evaluation of our data, processes and infrastructure, has also given us confidence in the base that we are looking to build upon.

Ian Moore, Strategy & Digital Director at Bidfood

Identifying data science opportunities for one of the UK's largest foodservice suppliers.

Bidfood were keen to embrace data science but wanted to understand the opportunities and obstacles before investing in data initiatives. We carefully assessed the business and provided Bidfood with actionable recommendations on how to start benefiting from data science.


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