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The accelerated pace of change has seen the launch of subscription products, ‘order in store’, Pay by Bank App and Pingit payment options, enabling us to meet our customers’ demands better than ever before.

Chris Holyland, eCommerce Director at Pets at Home

Over £1.4bn of transactions processed annually with complicated delivery, promotion and presales rules are completed thanks to Intechnica who we relied on to design, build, run and assure the availability of our business-critical order capture system.

Pete Walker, Head of IT at Nisa

We were dealing with a lot of paperwork and contact points for both the medical professionals and the healthcare facilities. We needed a solution that could extract different types of data and automate manual tasks reliably and safely.

Intechnica’s team of experts built a scalable solution that exceeded our accuracy expectations. This has freed up urgently needed capacity and allowed us to re-invest focus on our partners and candidates.

Raul Firu, CTO at Doctari

We deal with tens of thousands of sales invoices across more than 500 subsidiaries and 700 accounts every month. Before we partnered with Intechnica, we spent over 150 hours every week matching payments to landlords and issuing payment requests to clients.

We wanted to free up our finance team to work on more strategic issues. Our goal was to help them spend their time working on productive, high-value tasks rather than chasing paperwork.

We partnered with Intechnica and have since completely turned around the way we manage our invoices. We expect to save £60-100k in the first year alone.

John Bromilow, CIO at Rendall & Rittner

Recent Highlights

Building Nisa Retail an ‘always available’ B2B portal that flawlessly processes 22,000 electronic orders per week.

Nisa needed a development partner to optimise the performance of their OCS, which is at the heart of the business's operations. Intechnica designed, built and run Nisa’s Azure-based CRM system and supported the integration of their OCS with 70 EPOS systems.

Helping Pets at Home adapt to customer needs more quickly through bespoke software development.

Pets at Home needed a new delivery partner to make changes on their eCommerce platform quicker. Intechnica built the UK's leading pet care business an innovative subscription service, integrated a click-and-collect system, and accelerated the site's speed of change by 900%.

Automating candidate verification for a German healthcare recruitment platform.

Matching identity documents and qualifications to users was a manual process. This method was unscalable, and an increasing backlog was preventing the business from growing. To automate the verification process, Intechnica built Doctari a bespoke platform that streamlined the previously manual tasks with high accuracy and speed.

How we helped a market-leading estate management business save tens of thousands by automating their invoice reconciliation process.

The team at Rendall & Rittner spent 100+ hours every week reconciling invoices, matching payments to landlords and issuing payment requests to their clients. Our team of experts built a bespoke system automating the process, saving the business precious hours each week and tens of thousands in the first year alone.


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