Intelligent Automation

Solve your scaling challenges through intelligent automation.

Gain a competitive edge with intelligent automation

84% of business leaders plan to increase investment in automation and for good reason. When automation is done right, it increases efficiency, improves accuracy and enhances quality.

Increase profitability and scale faster

Eliminate labourious and repetitive work by implementing intelligent automation in your business. We build bespoke intelligent process automation solutions that can save time, increase margins and give time back to your most valuable teams.

Let your team focus on value-creating tasks

Every business department has recurring tasks that gulp up valuable hours each week and at month-end. By automating these, you can let your team focus on the innovative work that moves your business forward.

Computers see things humans miss

Today, even complex processes can be streamlined with intelligent automation. Automation technology has developed leaps and bounds in the past five years. Our bespoke automation solutions take advantage of state-of-the-art technology like computer vision to perform tasks with unrivalled accuracy.

How can custom automation help you scale efficiently?

No two businesses are identical when it comes to software, operations, and tech stack. That’s why we build custom automation solutions that wrap around your business and produce optimal results.

A new generation of automation technology

Automation technology has developed radically from the first RPA solutions. While they were transformational for streamlining routine tasks, their capability remains limited to simple, predefined processes.

That’s why we deploy intelligent automation. Intelligent automation uses AI technology and machine learning to self-learn and self-optimise. This means that we can automate even the more complex processes and detect patterns that can be invaluable for business decisions.

Document automation & intelligent document processing

Most companies deal with huge amounts of documents. Whether it is matching invoices, processing customer claims, or onboarding new employees, these necessary but repetitive tasks take up hours of valuable time.

Our bespoke document automation solutions are designed to save time and money. Some of our latest projects include automating invoice reconciliation for a property management company and automating a previously manual qualification and ID matching process for a medical recruitment platform.

Related Services

In addition to our intelligent automation and document automation services, we create value for some of the UK’s fastest-growing brands by assessing, advising on, and building technology. Interested in finding out more? Get in touch with our team of experts to book a free consultation.

Software Development

We help businesses deliver great software, by providing cross-functional teams that specialise in bespoke agile development.

Delivery Enablement
Data Science & Machine Learning
We build technology for some of the UK’s leading brands

For over a decade, we have been trusted to deliver reliable technology for household names. By partnering with Intechnica, you get a combination of deep experience in software engineering and cutting-edge data science skills.

Based in Manchester and London, we consistently work with businesses across and outside of the UK.

Automation bespoke to your business

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to automation. Our automation processes fit around your business.

This bespoke approach to our intelligent automation services means that you get a solution tailored to you, avoiding the need to change your entire business to make automation work.

Honest approach to automation

Not every business requires the most complex tools, and we will never sell you a solution that you do not need.

We take pride in our honesty and our ability to find suitable solutions that fit your business. Find out more about our intelligent automation services by getting in touch with our experts.

Strong commercial and value-adding focus

Thanks to our deep roots in supporting private equity transactions, we approach every project through a commercial lens.

When you partner with us, we will work to create an automation solution that contributes to your bottom line and makes your business more valuable.

Expert team of Data Scientists and Software Engineers

All our intelligent process automation and document automation services are designed and built by our expert team of in-house Data Scientists and Software Engineers.

We are highly experienced in delivering complex technology projects for businesses across industries in the UK and abroad.

Inherently agile delivery methodology

We follow an agile methodology when delivering our intelligent process automation solutions. This means that delivery is fast and incremental, centered around continuous feedback and improvement.

We define success by delivering state-of-the-art automation software that meets customer demands.

Trusted By Leading Companies


We deal with tens of thousands of sales invoices across more than 500 subsidiaries and 700 accounts every month. Before we partnered with Intechnica, we spent over 150 hours every week matching payments to landlords and issuing payment requests to clients.

We wanted to free up our finance team to work on more strategic issues. Our goal was to help them spend their time working on productive, high-value tasks rather than chasing paperwork.

We partnered with Intechnica and have since completely turned around the way we manage our invoices. We expect to save £60-100k in the first year alone.

John Bromilow, CIO at Rendall & Rittner

We were dealing with a lot of paperwork and contact points for both the medical professionals and the healthcare facilities. We needed a solution that could extract different types of data and automate manual tasks reliably and safely.

Intechnica’s team of experts built a scalable solution that exceeded our accuracy expectations. This has freed up urgently needed capacity and allowed us to re-invest focus on our partners and candidates.

Raul Firu, CTO at Doctari

Case Studies

How we helped a market-leading estate management business save tens of thousands by automating their invoice reconciliation process.

The team at Rendall & Rittner spent 100+ hours every week reconciling invoices, matching payments to landlords and issuing payment requests to their clients. Our team of experts built a bespoke system automating the process, saving the business precious hours each week and tens of thousands in the first year alone.

Automating candidate verification for a German healthcare recruitment platform.

Matching identity documents and qualifications to users was a manual process. This method was unscalable, and an increasing backlog was preventing the business from growing. To automate the verification process, Intechnica built Doctari a bespoke platform that streamlined the previously manual tasks with high accuracy and speed.


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