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Here’s some of our latest work.

With over 2,000 client engagements under our belt, we’ve partnered with hundreds of clients. Here are some of our most recent Due Diligence and transaction advisory projects .

Intechnica delivered IT Due Diligence to Synova in support of their recent investment in Unity5, a leading software provider for the parking and traffic management sector.

Founded in 2010, Unity5 provides real-time enforcement and permitting software to both local authorities and private parking companies through “ZatSuite”. Unity5’s range of SaaS products enables clients to monitor and manage traffic, parking, and environmental regulations efficiently and reliably. Over the last three years, the UK-based business has grown rapidly achieving a 42% CAGR.

Synova’s investment will support Unity5 to expand their technology platform and international footprint.

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Intechnica delivered IT Due Diligence to Bowmark Capital in support of their recent investment in Littlefish, a leading managed IT service provider.

Founded in 2003, Littlefish provides a comprehensive range of managed IT, consultancy, cyber security and cloud services to over 200 customers. The business has delivered market-leading organic growth rates of over 30% CAGR through its superior service delivery (+79 NPS), whilst developing a strong reputation for its rapidly-growing cyber security offering.

Bowmark Capital’s investment will fuel Littlefish’s next stage of growth and support the management team in further expanding the business’ service offering.

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Intechnica provided Exit Preparation & Technology Vendor Due Diligence to Bionic, the UK’s leading marketplace for SME services.

Founded in 2007, Bionic offers SMEs a smart way of sorting their business essentials, such as insurance, finance, energy, and connectivity. Ranked as one of the UK’s top 10 best places to work, Bionic leverages smart technology and human experts to offer an end-to-end service, including comparison, switch management, customer service and renewals.

OMERS Private Equity’s investment will support Bionic’s organic growth and accelerate their strategic expansion through M&A.

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Intechnica provided IT Due Diligence to FPE Capital in support of their investment into Dynamic Planner, a software provider to the UK wealth management sector.

Dynamic Planner has been grown rapidly and now serves almost 40% of UK wealth advice firms and over 150 asset managers, profiling over £250 bn of assets via its SaaS platform.

Headquartered in Reading, the business employs over 100 people, and is on track to pass £10m in annual recurring licence revenues this year.

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Intechnica provided Vendor Technology & Cyber Due Diligence to Avantis Systems Ltd, a provider of virtual reality-based learning technology to the international education market.

Headquartered in the UK, Avantis Systems Ltd offers a range of innovative products and services, supporting teachers to embed classroom technology. Operating for nearly twenty years, Avantis Systems Ltd has a portfolio of award-winning brands, such as LearnPad, VRoom, ClassVR, and Avanti’s world. With a mission to simplify classroom technology, the business has delivered its solutions to over 100,000 classrooms in more than 20 countries.

The investment from LDC will allow Avantis Systems Ltd to further enhance their suite of products and services, and continue their international expansion.

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Case Studies

Helping a VC-backed healthcare staffing platform to manage their data more efficiently.

The management team at Patchwork knew that they wanted to make better use of the data, but they were unsure of the best way forward. Following the restructuring of data and some operational changes by Intechnica, Patchwork’s upskilled team was able to manage their data more efficiently.

Helping Pets at Home adapt to customer needs more quickly through bespoke software development.

Pets at Home needed a new delivery partner to make changes on their eCommerce platform quicker. Intechnica built the UK's leading pet care business an innovative subscription service, integrated a click-and-collect system, and accelerated the site's speed of change by 900%.

How we helped a market-leading estate management business save tens of thousands by automating their invoice reconciliation process.

The team at Rendall & Rittner spent 100+ hours every week reconciling invoices, matching payments to landlords and issuing payment requests to their clients. Our team of experts built a bespoke system automating the process, saving the business precious hours each week and tens of thousands in the first year alone.

Automating candidate verification for a German healthcare recruitment platform.

Matching identity documents and qualifications to users was a manual process. This method was unscalable, and an increasing backlog was preventing the business from growing. To automate the verification process, Intechnica built Doctari a bespoke platform that streamlined the previously manual tasks with high accuracy and speed.

Identifying data science opportunities for one of the UK's largest foodservice suppliers.

Bidfood were keen to embrace data science but wanted to understand the opportunities and obstacles before investing in data initiatives. We carefully assessed the business and provided Bidfood with actionable recommendations on how to start benefiting from data science.

Building Nisa Retail an ‘always available’ B2B portal that flawlessly processes 22,000 electronic orders per week.

Nisa needed a development partner to optimise the performance of their OCS, which is at the heart of the business's operations. Intechnica designed, built and run Nisa’s Azure-based CRM system and supported the integration of their OCS with 70 EPOS systems.


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