Intelligent Automation for Doctari

Automating candidate verification for a German healthcare recruitment platform.

About Doctari

Doctari are a specialist healthcare recruitment platform based in Germany. The business connects physicians to health institutes, hospitals, and doctor’s practices.

The Problem

When joining Doctari’s recruitment platform, healthcare professionals have to provide information such as availability, specialism, and a list of documents as proof of identity and qualifications.

Matching identity documents and qualifications to users was a manual process. For a single professional, as many as five documents needed to be verified:

• Government ID
• Qualification Certificate (Medical Discipline)
• Right-to-work Document (National)
• Right-to-work Document (Regional)
• Right-to-practise Document (Specialism)

This process was unscalable, and an increasing backlog was preventing the business from growing.

The Solution

Ahead of a full-size Build project, Intechnica conducted a feasibility study to determine whether the process could be automated. This experimental phase of the project was completed in three days. Intechnica found that the process could be automated at approximately 60% accuracy, which met Doctari’s requirements.

To automate the multi-stage verification process, Intechnica’s team of Data Scientists and Software Engineers built Doctari a bespoke platform that streamlined the previously manual tasks with high accuracy and speed.

When the build was complete six weeks later, the final accuracy value was 87%, exceeding Doctari’s expectations.

Our Impact

The solution’s success rate beat the desired validation target by 27%, delivering consistent accuracy.

This significantly reduced the manual workload for Doctari staff, representing a dramatic saving in both time and costs. This also enabled the business to scale more quickly, creating significant value for the company.

We were dealing with a lot of paperwork and contact points for both the medical professionals and the healthcare facilities. We needed a solution that could extract different types of data and automate manual tasks reliably and safely.

Intechnica’s team of experts built a scalable solution that exceeded our accuracy expectations. This has freed up urgently needed capacity and allowed us to re-invest focus on our partners and candidates.

Raul Firu, CTO at Doctari

Services Used

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