Intelligent Automation for Rendall & Rittner

How we helped a market-leading estate management business save tens of thousands by automating their invoice reconciliation process.

About Rendall & Rittner

Rendall & Rittner are a market-leading estate management business providing services to residential estates across the UK. The company manages more than 75,000 individual units, with over 800 employees.

The Problem

The team at Rendall & Rittner dealt with tens of thousands of invoices across over 700 accounts every month. They spent 100+ hours every week reconciling invoices, matching payments to landlords and issuing payment requests to their clients. Their goal was to free up their finance team to work on more strategic issues, enabling them to spend their time working on productive, high-value tasks instead of matching paperwork.

The Solution

Intechnica’s team of experts delivered a custom process automation system that uses software engineering and data science methods to extract intricate details from the client’s invoices. Members of their finance team simply upload the invoices to the purpose-built online platform, and the relevant data is then automatically entered into an auditable database.

Our Impact

Since the system’s deployment, Rendall & Rittner have significantly reduced the time and money spent managing invoices. In the first year, the business saved over £60,000, and hours of manual work. A major benefit was improved cash flow. Thanks to the enhanced financial reporting of the system, Rendall & Rittner achieved a much more accurate and timely understanding of their balance sheet.

We deal with tens of thousands of sales invoices across more than 500 subsidiaries and 700 accounts every month. Before we partnered with Intechnica, we spent over 150 hours every week matching payments to landlords and issuing payment requests to clients.

We wanted to free up our finance team to work on more strategic issues. Our goal was to help them spend their time working on productive, high-value tasks rather than chasing paperwork.

We partnered with Intechnica and have since completely turned around the way we manage our invoices. We expect to save £60-100k in the first year alone.

John Bromilow, CIO at Rendall & Rittner

Services Used

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