Custom Process Automation

We provide Custom Process Automation for businesses that want to reduce time spent on manual or repetitive tasks. Unlike off-the-shelf systems, every one of our solutions is designed with our clients’ specific needs and objectives in mind.

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Increase Accuracy

Ensure processes run in an identical manner every time, enhancing consistency and eliminating human error.

Increase Capacity

Slash the time taken to reconcile invoices, generate reports or handle data, meaning you can get more done in less time.

Increase Profitability

Reduce the time spent on manual and repetitive tasks, and enable teams to focus on profit-generating areas of the business.

Intelligent Automation: your new superpower

Our Custom Process Automation service is designed to put time back in the hands of those who need it. We take your manual, laborious or repetitive processes, and use the latest technology to complete them more quickly, cheaply and accurately than humans ever could.

By using state-of-the-art technologies like computer vision, machine learning and AI, we can automate even intricate or complicated processes. This involves everything from custom facial or document recognition, to AI-based modeling and decision-making and everything inbetween.

  • • Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud
  • • Computer Vision and OCR
  • • Natural Language Processing
  • • Speech-to-text
  • • Machine Learning
  • • Support for unstructured data
  • • AI-based decision making
Automation that's bespoke to your business

Custom Process Automation is a generational leap from Robotic Process Automation. We specialise in solving problems that off-the-shelf software simply can’t tackle: we build what’s right for you.

Every one of our projects begins with a robust discovery process. From there, we design an automation solution bespoke to the need of your business. We don’t simply automate tasks: we examine your processes, and work with you to build a custom automation solution that’s bespoke to (and perfect for) your business.


Over a decade of succesful Data Science and Machine Learning projects

Years of experience in both consultancy and delivery


At Intechnica, we are not just advisers, but practitioners with years of experience in creating data-driven solutions. Having built and founded a successful AI-powered business, we know exactly what it takes to scale up with the power of data science. Our stellar team of data scientists consistently work with businesses from various sectors helping them turn their data into tangible value.

How is Custom Process Automation project delivered?

Together, we examine your processes and explore your automation requirements.

Data Exploration

With requirements in mind, we test a number of hypotheses to find the best way to deliver the project.

Design and Build

After initial exploration, we design and build a custom automation solution that meets your objectives.

Testing and Deployment

With the automation solution built, we test it rigorously before providing a comprehensive handover.

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