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Easy to use Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Unlock value in data to boost revenue, increase customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs.

Machine Learning

We’ve put our machine learning platform in the cloud and taken away the cost, time and complexity of building it yourself. 

Here at Intechnica we love to help our customers solve the data challenges of their legacy systems. Our GDPR-ready DSaaS platform ingests all of your company data into the cloud where we translate your business problems into machine learning solutions.

Using the Intechnica DSaaS (Data Science as a Service) platform we extract, transform and load data into our cloud platforms ready for our Data Scientists to create algorithms for machine learning.

Why Use Intechnica

Setting up Data Science for a business typically takes up to eight months – and then it can go wrong! We get you up and running in one to three months and thereafter you will be enjoying the business benefits.

With Intechnica’s DSaaS you can tap into our extensive Data Science resource without the problems of recruitment and retention. Developers like to work in groups and we’ve got lots of them!

Selection of the right platforms and algorithms can be complicated and costly. Years of experience across sectors with numerous clients have enabled us to perfect our DSaaS platform builds.

It’s not just about the technology, data programmes often struggle because the right data is not used. We ensure all our clients collect the right data.

We enable business of all sizes to grow using data and machine learning

The Intechnica Data Science Platforms

Intechnica’s team of Data Scientists are available on a PAYG basis, taking away the complex challenge of recruiting, managing and retaining such a valuable and scare resource.

Our innovative platforms fast track the whole data science process. Typical time to realisation of business benefits is weeks rather than months.

We provide monthly subscription models, consultancy projects or product builds.

Talk to Our Expert Team

How DSaaS Works

One of our DSaaS consultants will work with you on the problem framing stage and help to baseline your current data position. When the target improvements are agreed upon we will turn that into a machine learning solution, such as a recommendation engine. 

Our expert team of Data Scientists build and train data models taking away human bias with machine learning and find patterns in your data that would takes years to discover manually.

Once our team have built the algorithms and trained your data we stream results back to your websites, email platforms and MI systems.

Intechnica enhance and enrich data sets through our smart tech and partner network. If you are missing important insight we can often add it in for you or work with your web teams to capture additional variables – all compliant and tested.

Intechnica Data Science