The Data Science Readiness Report

The Data Science Readiness Report assesses how ‘ready’ your business is to take advantage of data science, and reveals any obstacles or opportunities in its path.

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Current capability

By conducting an in-depth review of your current resources, technology, and capability, the report assesses how "ready" your business is to take advantage of data science.

Opportunity offered by data

Our cost-effective report will identify the specific opportunities on how data science can be leveraged to create value and help you gain an advantage over the competition.

Change needed to realise value

Considering the findings of the analytics, the report outlines clear and actionable recommendations on what you need to change to start generating value through data science.

The Data Readiness Rating


A key part of each report is the Data Readiness Rating, which serves as an overall score of your business’ data readiness. Every rating is accompanied by a comprehensive explanation, giving clear direction that can be used to improve data science readiness right away. Our rating system draws from the Digital Blueprint, an objective framework based on our experience in delivering hundreds of technical projects for ambitious and demanding clients.




What does the report examine?

Our experience has proved that the success of integrating data science into a business is determined by four factors: strategy, team, quality, and technology. Building on 29 key metrics and over 135 established definitions, these pillars form the basis of the assessment in the Data Science Readiness Report.

We closely examine each pillar to determine your data science readiness, rating each from 1-5 according to how your business’ resources perform against the key metrics. This involves developing a detailed understanding of top-level items such as strategy, vision and data leadership; as well as specific criteria such as systems administration and data architecture.

Where insight meets action

Years of experience in both consultancy and delivery


At Intechnica, we are not just advisers, but practitioners with years of experience in creating data-driven solutions. Having built and founded a successful AI-powered business, we know exactly what it takes to scale up with the power of data science. Our stellar team of data scientists consistently work with businesses from various sectors helping them turn their data into tangible value.

Our strong consultancy background combined with our experience in delivering cutting-edge AI and Data Science solutions makes us a trusted partner for many industry leaders across the UK and globally. With over a decade of experience in helping businesses unlock value through technological excellence, we also make state-of-the art software and are the trusted choice for IT due diligence for hundreds of clients.


How do we create the report?

1. Once you have outlined your specific questions, we create a plan and a data model specific to your business’ needs.


We then begin workshops with the leadership team and data stakeholders, collecting information that underpins each of the four strategic pillars.


Once we have everything we need, we then begin to carefully analyse our findings and collate our final ratings and scores.


Following peer review from someone external to the project group, we deliver our final report and present our recommendations. The whole process typically takes 3 to 5 weeks.

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