Grand National Online Gambling Performance Report Webinar

20th April 2017

Grand National Online Gambling Performance Report Webinar

Tuesday 9th May at 11:00am (GMT)

Over Grand National weekend, as with most major horse racing events, last minute scrambles to place bets, huge surges in web visitors to check their winnings placed and the back end system trying to keep up with settlement put an enormous load on gambling websites – far more than usual busy periods.

The increased load carried the potential to knock websites offline, disrupt user experiences and cost gambling companies hundreds of thousands in lost revenue. Moderate reductions in site speed had an even greater impact, pushing punters to transact on competitor websites. However, the effect on revenues from under performing websites is not isolated to horse racing events only. Website failures or significant slowdowns impacts all gambling products and events, with football betting the highest value item hit.

Intechnica decided to monitor and analyse the website performance of the top 30 gambling companies to see what can be learnt from the challenges the industry faced during Grand National.

Now, with the results in, Performance Solutions Architect, James Billingham, presents his findings during a live public webinar.

In the webinar James will look at the following variables:

  • Time to first byte load
  • Full loading time of pages on desktop and mobile
  • Page size on desktop and mobile
  • Analysis of home and other pages (horse, grand national, football)
  • % of sites that slowed down
  • Examination of the slowest performing sites vs fastest performing sites
  • % of sites that went down
  • Examination of the sites that went down

To provide more choice, James will present the webinar on two separate dates. Please select the date that is most suitable to you.

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