We provided performance testing on’s web platform – load testing to determine their capacity and to identify any constraints. This allowed the eCommerce retailer to improve their platform performance and cope with bigger spikes in traffic than ever before. AO utilised TrafficDefender Bot Detection to monitor incoming traffic to their web platform, identify all non-human visitors which have a negative impact and replace them with customers to increase conversion rates and reduce hosting costs.

Leading fashion retailer Hobbs used our Performance Management services to test their website’s capacity threshold and used TrafficDefender to ensure website uptime. Now, Hobbs can deal with unexpected events that cause a surge in website traffic, such as when celebrities are pictured in the media wearing their products. The moment web traffic surpasses the pre-set threshold TrafficDefender Virtual Waiting Room automatically defers new visitors to a branded queuing page, where they can see their queue position and expected waiting time, ensuring the Hobbs website never crashes and sales transactions are maximised during peak traffic.


Intechnica took the Pets at Home eCommerce site from two releases in 18 months to one release per month. The accelerated pace of change has seen the launch of subscription products, ‘order in store’ Pay by Bank App and Pingit payment options. This has resulted in online revenues growing from 2% to 10% of total revenue with customers’ demands being met better than ever before.


During a prime-time X Factor finals advertising slot, we experienced a peak in website traffic 27 times bigger than Cyber Monday. Several hundred of our customers were buffered for about 90 seconds by TrafficDefender Queue Management. Instead of getting no response or a very slow response, they had a controlled response that indicated when they would be able to get into the website.

Jeff Cattle, Head of Computer Services at JD Williams
Hobbs London

TrafficDefender Peak Management gave us a very elegant solution to the challenge of dealing with demand peaks and unexpected events. As a result, we have been able to decommission resources and reduce our infrastructure by 20%.

Sharon Lowrie, Technology and Business Change Director at Hobbs Limited

It made absolute sense to us to deploy TrafficDefender to ensure that we could continue to serve more customers simultaneously than we ever had, even if the event turned out to be much bigger than we expected.

Adam Warne, Group IT Director at

TrafficDefender was great value for Scribbler, as any downtime during a busy sale could cost the business thousands in revenue. TrafficDefender made sure that didn’t happen and Father’s Day was a huge success for Scribbler.

Emily Ridgwell, Head of eCommerce at Scribbler