Performance Management | TrafficDefender | Virtual Waiting Room | Bot Detection              

Intechnica works with household name gaming companies providing Performance Management services and TrafficDefender, the industry leading web traffic management system.

We provided Performance Management services to the UK’s largest bookmaker, William Hill, diagnosing problems with transactions on their Sportsbook app by initiating a deep dive root cause analysis. After identifying the core performance issues Intechnica provided multiple fixes and recommendations to enable William Hill to resolve the technical troubles that had slowed down mobile app performance. With the app faster and easier to use, revenue from mobile grew rapidly so that it now accounts for 70% of income.

Intechnica have developed a SAAS product that stops odds scraper bots from crawling gambling websites and pulling out odds in order to price match, by stealing your intellectual property. TrafficDefender Bot Detection empowers gaming industry businesses with control over non-human traffic and the ability to block malicious attacks in real time. The industry leading web traffic management system optimises online experience for all users while protecting the security of web applications, decreasing website costs and maximising revenue.