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Intechnica provide professional services including Product Development and Application Management and Performance Management for logistics companies.


Logistics customers are demanding a higher level of predictability and performance than ever before. To stay competitive, providers must be able to deliver a high-quality service for the new breed of customers who ‘want it now’ and demand the ability to track orders at any given point in time.

Intechnica provides logistics companies with professional services such as Performance Management, bespoke Product Development and Application Management of business critical systems.

Logistics companies are often tied to legacy systems which they must integrate into an expanding ecosystem of eCommerce, delivery and supply chain partners to compete. Each system must play well together and perform at web speed. Intechnica provides services to deliver digital transformation for logistics businesses.

We created a bespoke web app for AF Blakemore, the largest Spar distribution centre in the UK. It handled over 380,000 order lines and captured £700,000 of order value at their yearly Spar Retail Show – more than double the previous year. Hosted in Microsoft Azure by Intechnica, the fully responsive mobile website was designed to ensure users only accessed content and functionality relevant to their sign in credentials. It also featured a powerful integrated reporting dashboard and an interface that meant deals could be updated during the day.

AF Blakemore Sales Director, Neil Mercer, said: “For the first time we were able to be highly responsive to the buying behaviours exhibited by retailers – ensuring to the best of our ability they were able to access deals that truly worked for their business.”

We have also provided Product Development services for a leading logistics company, processing over one billion orders with complex delivery rules.

Performance Management is key for logistics companies who have multiple legacy platforms within their IT ecosystem. To ensure all systems work in harmony with each other and allow you to track deliveries in real time, software integration or bespoke software development may be necessary.

Intechnica can manage your application for your business, making regular enhancements to technology. We help businesses become innovators with our proven Application Management methodology. Our product-led approach will save your IT team time, prevent capacity issues and enable rapid response to changing customer needs.

AF Blakemore & Son Ltd.

Intechnica enabled us to fast track digital commerce processes for our annual trade show. Alongside significant business efficiencies and cost savings, we were able to respond faster to events as these unfolded on the day.

Neil Mercer, Sales Director

Having developed our online ordering system, they totally understand the complex ecosystem of systems and processes we operate – and are instantly on-hand the moment we need to respond to new opportunities in short time frames.

Peter Walker, Head of IT
AF Blakemore & Son Ltd.

Intechnica helped us transform our Spar Retail Show to a digital experience – a huge step forwards for our business They put the customer first throughout the project and ensured that we were supported as a business over the entire process, proving they care about our values and the quality of their work.

Robert Geere, CIO