Intechnica provides media outlets with Performance Management services, and the industry leading web traffic management system: TrafficDefender.

The media industry is under attack from web scraper bots made to steal content. With content as the most valuable type of asset publishers possess the damage of content theft to the industry is considerable. Content theft reduces profits, increases ad fraud and harms company reputation.

Intechnica provides household name media companies with Performance Management services and TrafficDefender the industry leading web traffic management system.

TrafficDefender optimises the online experience of visitors to media outlets while protecting the security of web applications, preventing content theft and scraper bots, decreasing website costs and maximising revenue.

TrafficDefender Virtual Waiting Room protects the uptime, availability and performance of websites and applications throughout traffic spikes by managing customers with a fair, transparent, virtual waiting room.

Multi-screening is the new normal, with viewers browsing on their phone, tablet or laptop whilst they watch TV. Your brand must be available straight away during the ‘customer moments’ when a consumer is watching a show or advert and searches for your product, service or app. Traditional network scaling is unable to handle media-generated peaks in traffic. TrafficDefender provides assurance that your web applications function for viewers during crucial customer moments.

The popular talent show, The Voice, utilised Virtual Waiting Room to guarantee everyone could access voting on their website and app during the finals of the competition when they experience huge surges in traffic. The Voice could also identify and block non-human traffic using TrafficDefender Bot Detection ensuring that genuine fans votes would be counted fairly.

Intechnica assured Channel 4’s donations system was able to perform well under high levels of traffic in the build up to, and during, their Stand Up To Cancer multichannel fundraising campaign. Thanks to our Performance Management and testing services Stand Up To Cancer was able to raise £6.5m across 400,000 donations on the night of the televised special.