TrafficDefender protects the uptime, availability and performance of web applications throughout ‘on sales’ by managing customers with a fair, transparent, virtual waiting room.

Ticket sites utilise TrafficDefender Virtual Waiting Room to maximise online revenue. Handling as many transactions as can be sustained at any one time and avoiding slow-downs or crashes during ‘on sales’ TrafficDefender guarantees availability by placing users above the point of website capacity into a waiting room.

This fair, transparent queue which cannot be skipped helps ticketing businesses to safeguard their brand reputation and grant access to visitors as soon as there is available capacity and quality of service is assured.

The bot problem on ticketing websites is so large that all major legislation against non-human traffic is focused on the ticketing industry. Three out of every 10 visits to ticketing websites are non-human and three quarters of these have a negative impact on business.

The problem lies in the sophistication of the automated traffic that targets ticketing platforms. Sophisticated bots will rotate their IP address or range and enter through anonymous proxies and peer to peer networks to avoid detection from all but the smartest web traffic management systems.

TrafficDefender Bot Detection gives ticket businesses the ability to identify and block malicious bots in real-time.

Case Study detailing how music venue Roundhouse utilises TrafficDefender to optimise ticket sales and guarantee the uptime of their ticketing platform. Roundhouse Case Study | Ticketing | TrafficDefender
London Roundhouse

The Roundhouse, London’s historic live music and theatre venue, implemented TrafficDefender Virtual Waiting Room to ensure a smooth sell out of a hotly anticipated gig despite a conservatively sized web infrastructure.

Hype started to build as soon as the 27-date reunion tour of post-hardcore band At The Drive-In was announced on popular sites like Rolling Stone and NME, with the Roundhouse hosting the sole UK date.

Anticipating very high demand once the on-sale went live, Roundhouse sought a solution to ensure visitors could get onto the site and buy tickets in a fair, first in first out manner, without bringing the site down and whilst avoiding expensive infrastructure burst costs.

With TrafficDefender in place, the Roundhouse sold out several thousand tickets within half an hour whilst maintaining a seamless user experience. Website downtime was avoided with over 1,400 visitors – many more than the site could have served simultaneously – placed in a smart waiting room with branded queuing page at one point during the ticket sale.

The waiting room allowed customers to see their position, estimated wait time and a live Twitter feed from the venue. The Roundhouse could also block known malicious bots, online ticket touts and scrapers to ensure only genuine ticket buyers were utilising their available resources using TrafficDefender Bot Detection.

Intechnica provides ticketing platforms with Performance Management services and TrafficDefender the industry leading web traffic management system. 

James Bay and Thom Yorke are just a couple of examples of artists where the success of the onsale meant that our social media team did not have to deal with any complaints. The simple to customise queue page has undoubtedly helped us to improve customer satisfaction.

Oliver Marcus, Digital Marketing Manager