Baby Unicorns and How to Feed Them: Intechnica’s Chairperson Dinner

On the 26th of May, Intechnica hosted the first Chair Dinner event since 2019. It brought chairpeople, directors and board-level executives from the UK’s tech and funding ecosystems together with members of the Intechnica team.

About the event:

Held over dinner at London’s Savoy Restaurant, the theme of the event was ‘Feeding Unicorns’. In his presentation, Intechnica’s CEO Jeremy Gidlow focused on how best to support early-stage and scaling businesses in the UK’s growing tech economy.

Jeremy, also co-founder and CEO of leading bot-management and cybersecurity business Netacea, covered his perspectives on how to assess a company’s potential in the early stages, how to balance risk for the founders and investors and how to successfully fund a ‘unicorn’ business.

Topics discussed included the contrast across the Atlantic in investor attitudes towards pre- and post- revenue funding, and what that means for founders. Those at the event also explored how things such as strategy, size of market, and time to market play a role in determining when a PE firm chooses to invest.

Considering the track record of Intechnica in dealing with complex IT issues, it is worthwhile to speak with them to get their view on the issue at hand and how to resolve it.

Philippe Mauguy, Alternative Investments Board Member and Advisor
Intechnica’s Chairperson Dinners

May’s Chairperson Dinner forms part of an ongoing series, where we invite prominent and experienced leaders in the UK’s tech and funding ecosystems together to discuss a specific theme.

If you’re interested in finding more about our Chairperson Dinners, or would like to know details of our next event, send a message to us with your questions.

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