Why choose a career in technology?

Technology is an increasingly attractive career path for graduates and career switchers alike. With nearly three million people in the UK working in tech, we’ve gathered some of the most compelling arguments for choosing a career in technology.

1. Great work-life balance and flexibility

The pandemic fundamentally disrupted old ways of working, as people in traditionally office-based jobs shifted to working from home. But even before this, the technology industry was leading the way in offering people the opportunity to work flexibly.  

Today many technology businesses offer their employees the option to work fully remotely, giving people more freedom and flexibility to make their job fit their life, not the other way around. It doesn’t come as a surprise that tech companies continue to dominate in surveys for the best work-life balance. This may be reflected in how people feel about their jobs, as recently, Glassdoor ranked Tech as the UK’s second-highest-rated industry for job satisfaction. 

2. Growing job opportunities

Last year saw more money flowing into the UK’s tech industry than ever before. In 2021, tech investment grew a whopping 2.3x, with nearly £30 bn raised by UK scale-ups and startups. Not surprisingly, the dramatic growth is reflected in the job market. In fact, the proportion of tech vacancies of all vacancies advertised has been growing steadily, with tech roles representing 13% of all job openings in 2021, and this proportion is predicted to expand. 

This means that a career in technology is a fantastic choice for those who want to work in a growing sector filled with opportunities. It also paints a reassuring picture of job security in the sector.

3. You don’t always need a tech-related degree

It’s a common misconception that you need a degree in computer science to work in tech. Just as any other business, technology companies also need marketers, accountants, graphic designers, salespeople, and project managers. And even if you wanted to work as a programmer or a developer, many businesses value practical skills that can be obtained through bootcamps and even by independent learning. 

As the sector experiences high demand for talent, businesses are interested in people from diverse backgrounds, valuing transferable skills and motivation to work in tech.

4. Good salary & benefits

Technology and IT are continuously listed among the highest-paying sectors, even when it comes to graduate positions. In fact, according to Tech Nation, the average salary for tech jobs is 50% higher than the average for all UK vacancies.  

This, paired with the increasing demand for technology talent, means that you can expect your salary to increase along the way. It’s also worth mentioning that businesses operating in the tech space tend to top the charts when it comes to benefits such as private health insurance and generous parental leave.

5. You get to work at the heart of innovation & change

Some of the biggest disruptors of all time are tech businesses. When you choose a career in technology, you get to be at the heart of innovation, solving problems creatively alongside brilliant minds. 

Many tech businesses also have strong social missions, so you can truly make a meaningful difference with your work.

6. Continuous learning opportunities

Tech is one of the fastest evolving sectors, offering endless opportunities to learn and develop. Choosing a career in tech also means that you’re not necessarily tied to a specific industry. This means that you’ll have a chance to gain exposure from a range of businesses, developing your skills along the way. 

With new technologies emerging all the time, you’ll also have ample opportunity to upskill and broaden your knowledge.  

All things considered, a career in technology is a great choice

So, why choose a career in technology?

While all career paths come with their own challenges, venturing into technology is a brilliant option for those who are keen to learn and evolve along with the sector. Working in technology offers lots of flexibility, and the future looks optimistic from a job security point of view. So, if you’re asking yourself “is technology a good career path?” the answer is yes – it’s an excellent one. 

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