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Vendor Due Diligence for Zenergi (ECI Partners)

Service: Vendor Due Diligence

Industry: Energy Provider

Participants: Zenergi, ECI Partners, August Equity

Intechnica provided Vendor Due Diligence to Zenergi ahead of their recent transaction with ECI Partners.

Founded in 2003, Zenergi is a leading energy and sustainability services provider. Providing services to over 4000 customers, the business has seen significant growth and completed five acquisitions since 2018.

ECI Partners ‘ investment will accelerate Zenergi’s organic growth and support further M&A in the energy space.

We are delighted to be working with ECI Partners to deliver future growth for Zenergi, and further support schools and other institutions with their energy requirements as we all move towards a greener future. ECI has a strong track record supporting energy services businesses and we are excited about the opportunity ahead. We’d also like to thank August Equity for their support over the last 4 years during what has been an enjoyable part of our journey.

Graham Cooke, CEO of Zenergi.

Zenergi does a fantastic job supporting institutions with increasingly complex energy needs, and we look forward to working with Graham and the management team to deliver both organic growth and further M&A in this space. In the current energy market climate and wider environmental considerations, we expect customers to increasingly look to market experts such as Zenergi to help them find solutions. We’re delighted to partner with the team for the next stage of their journey.

Richard Chapman, Partner at ECI.

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