Netacea Account Takeover and Bot Management Solution

Netacea protects the world’s biggest websites from sophisticated bot attacks. Netacea is a cyber security solution dedicated to protecting websites, mobile apps and APIs from automated bot threats. With over half of all internet traffic now made up of non-human visitors, Netacea uses a machine learning approach to seek out bots, mitigate threats and prioritise the experience of genuine users.

This adaptive security approach complements existing controls such as WAF rulesets, rate limiting and threat databases, providing deep analysis of all website visitors with data-rich dashboards enabling customers to make intelligent decisions about bot mitigation.

Bots are commonly used to skew analytics, scrape data and launch credential stuffing / account takeover attacks, and often pose as humans, meaning that many bot attacks are evading traditional defences.

While focusing on digital optimisation and website performance for its clients, the Intechnica team identified a need for a better solution to manage and mitigate bot activity for its clients. Netacea was originally known as TrafficDefender under the Intechnica brand, focused on website security and optimisation. As demand grew, a dedicated cyber security business was formed in Netacea Limited to harness the power of the Group’s data science capabilities, using artificial intelligence to create a next generation bot management platform.

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