Insurance Bot Brokers – The Impact of Non-Human Traffic (NHT) on the Insurance Industry

17th August 2017

Insurance Bot Brokers

The Impact of Non-Human Traffic (NHT) on the Insurance Industry

Date: Thursday, 14th September 2017 at 3pm-4pm (BST)

Speakers: Andy Still, CTO of Intechnica and Thomas Platt, Senior Account Manager

Synopsis: Recent research conducted by TrafficDefender demonstrates that Non-Human Traffic (NHT) can take up anywhere between 15–50% of your website traffic. Aside from pushing up hosting costs and potentially slowing down the performance of your website, this traffic carries with it a wealth of other potential risks for your business.

Although some Non-Human Traffic (NHT) can be good for your online operations (e.g. Google Bot), there are a wealth of bad bots that can cause damage. These bots predominantly consist of:

  • Spammers/Hackers and Fraudsters
  • Price Scraping Rivals
  • Revenue generating – Partners
  • Revenue generating – Third parties
  • Traffic generating – Search engines

With such a wide range of traffic sources entering your website, gaining visibility and identifying traffic in the insurance industry is key to protecting your business and maintaining a competitive edge.

Join our CTO, Andy Still, as he discusses the makeup of Non-Human Traffic in the insurance industry. We will look at what impact this is having, how you can identify and monitor Non-Human Traffic for your business and, the strategies you can implement to manage and protect your site.

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