Make up Palettes That Broke The Internet

From TrafficDefender's 'Broke The Internet' Collection

‘Not your average palette’ is the standard description of newly released make up collections trying to set themselves apart from their competitors.

The brands below have ‘broken the internet’ where their high-profile launches have exceeded supply and their website crashed:

·        Morphe – The Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette

·        Nabla – Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette

·        Memi – Nude Lipsticks

The demand for those products was so high customers were left feeling frustrated due to website and stock availability problems.  When companies don’t have an effective queuing solution an influx of customers can quickly crash a website. Whilst the site can take hours or days to come back online, customers can suffer from ghost payments which can be costly to reconcile – or even abandon the brand and purchase from a competitor instead. In such a competitive industry there will always be another brand with a new release and customers are notoriously fickle. 

A Superior Online Shopping Experience Is Essential

With YouTube and Instagram hosting immediately accessible beauty tutorial videos and products available at the click of a button companies are being forced to move online to stay relevant.

H20+ Beauty credit shutting down their bricks and mortar stores and refocusing online to prioritize eCommerce in saving their brand.  Their website is now their flagship store and customers can engage with their brand wherever they are in the world. 

Kylie Jenner Cosmetics is a lesson in eCommerce paving the way over traditional stores. Every new line she releases sells out and is the sole retailer of her products. Despite trialling pop up stores for PR campaigns, her brand was born and remains online. 


Trend Forecasting vs Website Infrastructure Scaling

Some brand experts believe it is better to produce less of a product knowing it won’t fulfil demand rather than being left with a surplus of stock. The ‘sell out’ effect can push smaller brands into notoriety and create a frenzy for products.

Laura Nelson, the genius behind Kylie Cosmetics, is wary of this tactic as it is so frustrating to customers.
‘Those who feel cheated out of the opportunity to buy or feel like they didn’t get the same treatment as others take to social media with a vengeance’ says Nelson.  

If customers feel they have missed out, some will try even harder to purchase the product next time there is a new line launch.

This increase in demand can cause web crashes as the website infrastructure cannot support the sudden spikes in traffic. 

Every Second Counts

With the beauty market expected to be worth nearly $430 billion by 2022 and brands prioritizing ecommerce, it has never been more important to ensure 100% website availability during flash sales.

Imagine spending hundreds of thousands on a marketing campaign to push customers to your website, only to find your eCommerce website can’t handle the load and crashes. Rendering the marketing campaign useless, frustrating your customers and losing revenue.

Even a one second delay in load time can result in a 7% loss in conversions and a two second delay during a transaction results in shopping card abandonment rates of up to 87% as customers fear something has gone wrong with the transaction and abandon their purchase. 

Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's TrafficDefender

With a trusted virtual waiting room queueing solution, such as TrafficDefender, website downtime would cease to be a problem and would no longer need to be considered as an important part of trend forecasting.

TrafficDefender works with some of the biggest brands in beauty, including companies with a net worth of nearly $52 billion. These brands all want an intuitive solution that will guarantee their website is always live and able to handle the most transactions it can be maximise sales.

Placing online waiting rooms in front of specific parts of their website and adjusting queuing thresholds in real-time during campaigns, our clients websites have never crashed whilst they have used TrafficDefender.

The branded queueing pages keep customers informed of any queuing times and can even showcase other products they can easily add to their basket, increasing revenue whilst placed in a queue. This easy implementation generates millions of pounds a year for our clients – find out what it can do for you.

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