Encore Tickets Increase Conversions With Intechnica Artificial Intelligence

David Walters Director of AI

About the Client 

Encore is a London based private equity backed ticketing business with a passion for live theatreAs an official partner of over 60 theatres and attractions, they sell tickets for musicals, plays, Broadway shows, dance and opera. Since starting in 2000, they have made purchasing tickets fast and easy for over 29 million people. 

Client Challenge 

Encore wanted to improve their email click through rates and increase revenue by utilising smart web recommendations and hyper-personalisation. Their data was spread across multiple databases, disparate sources that needed unifying. 

Intechnica’s Solution 

Intechnica took the business on a data governance and enrichment capture journey 

Intechnica extracted and transformed legacy data into a cloud based data warehouse.   

The hypothesis was that a personalised approach to email marketing campaigns would improve email click through rates. A/B testing proved that Intechnica’s AI team optimised Encore’s email marketing with a significant uplift of approximately 9% in click through rates.  

Encore Tickets Les Miserables personalised email recommendation algorithm

Following the success of optimising personalised emails, Intechnica deployed an event-level analytics platform onto the ticketing website. This generated around 500,000 ‘events’ of user browsing per month and provided crucial insight into engagement and conversion.  

The average session length of customers who converted was significantly longer than those who did not – showing a 58% increase in the number of page views. Buyers were also proven to return to the website more than twice as much as people who do not make a purchase. 

Encore Tickets Website User Distribution of Session Length Graph

This graph shows that website users who visit six pages (excluding the basket page) are most likely to convert and make a purchase. 

The conversion rate of visitors who displayed engaging behaviour with the site was 13.7% compared to 3.5% that did not. 

Uplifting visitor engagement was proven to increase conversion, therefore in order to boost engagement online Intechnica advised Encore to apply web recommendations and then hyper-personalisation. Providing recommendations for users is shown to increase session length, expand product catalogue visibility, help customers to find products relevant to their interests and improve conversion rates. 

Intechnica built a recommendation engine for the Encore Tickets website that works in real timeA/B tested product page recommendations on the website saw a 6.5% uplift in average time on site (user session) and 4% uplift in average page views – another significant uplift for the business. 

Throughout the process, Intechnica developed and trialled a selection of proprietary recommendation algorithms. 

The Result 

Nick Benjamin, Encore CTO, said: “Intechnica helped our ticketing business to access disparate legacy production data sets and create transactional triggered AWS Glue jobs into Redshift ready for machine learning.”