Stand Up To Cancer Raise £6.5m Across 400,000 Donations in One Night With no Performance Issues


About The Client

Stand Up To Cancer is a multichannel fundraising campaign, run in joint promotion by Channel 4 and Cancer Research UK. The campaign was based on a week of related broadcasting, topped off by a television special on Channel 4 on Friday 19th October 2012. “Stand Up To Cancer” started in the US in 2008, raising more than $180 million for cancer research. Funds raised through the “Stand Up To Cancer” campaign in the UK went specifically towards clinical research in the UK, ensuring that new treatments get to patients faster.

Client Challenge

Channel 4 promoted the cause through support from several A-list celebrities, aiding an advertising campaign for the charity and TV special, with the hub of information in the lead-up being the website. As well as providing in-depth information on the campaign, the website also featured an online donations form, where the public could make contributions via card payment or PayPal. It was very important that this system remained available and functional to all visitors during the peak of interest during the TV special, as this was the time where most attention would be focused on the cause.

Intechnica’s Solution

As application performance experts, Intechnica were called upon to assess the donation system and infrastructure from a performance perspective. Intechnica has significant understanding of evaluating transactional systems, subsequently recommending that load testing the donation system was essential to ensure that it functioned correctly under load, especially given the sudden peak in donations expected while the TV special was on the air. Intechnica undertook load testing using the TrafficSpike cloud-based tool to fire high levels of traffic at the application per second, based on the expected number of donations.

The Result

Intechnica were able to assure Channel 4 that the Stand Up To Cancer donations system would be able to perform well under the high level of traffic expected leading up to, and during, the television special. Stand Up To Cancer raised a fantastic £6.5 million on the night of the television special across 400,000 donations, with no performance issues affecting the site.