Grand National Online Gambling Performance Report Video

Dave Bamber Technical Consultant

Grand National Online Gambling Performance Report Video

Over Grand National weekend, Intechnica decided to monitor and analyse the website performance of the top 30 gambling companies to see what could be learnt from the challenges the industry faced during periods of traffic and infrastructure load.

We present these findings during a recent live webinar – and now you can access the recording.

The webinar looked at the following key variables:

  • Time to first byte load.
  • Full loading time of pages on desktop and mobile.
  • Page size on desktop and mobile.
  • Analysis of home and other pages (horse, grand national, football).
  • % of sites that slowed down.
  • Examination of the slowest performing sites vs fastest performing sites.
  • % of sites that went down.
  • Examination of the sites that went down.

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