Monitoring Black Friday 2017

Lewis Taylor Consultant

Monitoring Black Friday 2017 Webinar

This webinar analyses the website performance of over 450 leading retailers over the Black Friday period. We will be examining industry trends, such as the increased influence of mobile sales and the potential impact of website slowdown on revenue and customer experience.

Duration: One hour

Speakers: James Billingham, Performance Architect, and Keith Hill, Digital Performance Account Manager.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Black Friday trends – how 2017 industry performance compares to previous years.
  • Top 450 retailer’s performance over the Black Friday period.
  • The impact of website slowdown on conversions.
  • Move to mobile for many consumers.
  • The problem with third party tags and connections.
  • Methods to reduce page size and quick wins to improve load time.
  • How customer expectations are increasing.
  • Best practice for managing peak trading periods.

About Intechnica

Intechnica have helped Retail industry leaders, such as and ASOS, to excel online with expertise in managing website and application performance over peak trading periods.

About James Billingham

James is a Performance Solutions Architect with decades of experience in creating digital performance strategies and tackling complex performance issues in Retail, Gambling and many other industries. He has worked as a Lead Architect previously at one of the largest technology consultancies globally.

About Keith Hill

Keith helps Intechnica clients across many sectors to achieve successful performance change management. We help retail clients to tackle complex performance bottlenecks, manage website and application performance, volatile spikes in traffic and deliver increasing competitive advantage.