The Black Friday Monitoring Report PDF Download

Lewis Taylor Consultant

The Black Friday Monitoring Report PDF Download Now Available

The Black Friday Monitoring Report, Which Analysed the Performance of Over 400 Retail Websites, is Now Available for Download

Each year Black Friday and Cyber Monday poses an ever increasing challenge to eCommerce retailers. Traffic volumes grow by around 6% – 13% as online purchases move more towards mobile. By November 2016, mobile overtook desktop with 51.3% of loaded pages occurring on mobile devices. All of this is taking place in a world of increasing customer expectations, which places a significant amount of pressure on IT systems and website infrastructure.

30% of annual retail sales occur between Black Friday and Christmas. Due to the significance of this period and the pressures this puts on websites and their infrastructure, Intechnica undertook a performance monitoring project to look at 400 retailers over the Black Friday trading period. This was designed to be low impact and measure both up and down time and, the page characteristics of the top retail sites.

Our researchers used analytical techniques to obtain data on page statistics for Desktop and Mobile using Chrome, gathering page weight, load times, rendering times and third party interactions. The purpose of the report, which is now available for download, is to look at how the 400 retailers handled the additional load over Black Friday and to provide generic recommendations for next year.

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