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Georgi Kanchev Data Scientist

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Intechnica are a UK based technology business who are focussed on driving client performance through data science, machine learning and AI. Our teams of Ph.D level Data Scientists work closely with clients to develop data led business hypothesis to deliver business improvements.

In this white paper, Georgi Kanchev – Data Scientist – gives a historical context and gentle introduction to methods and benefits of handling data in the cloud with emphasis on the value and importance of cloud infrastructure for the development of successful data science practices within a business.

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About The Author

Georgi joined Intechnica in early 2019 as part of the data science team, having previously spent 7 years in education and academia, acquiring a PhD in Computer Science and BSc in Software Engineering at Lancaster University. Additionally, he has spent time working in various start ups in the north west. Most recently he has developed an interest into cloud infrastructure and has acquired a string of accreditations.

 He is heavily involved in providing exploratory analysis and algorithm development on client data sets. Georgi’s background in computer science, software engineering and software development gives him a unique perspective on data science. His skills and experience aid our software development and productionisation of Intechnica’s applied data science solutions.

 His primary focus since joining Intechnica has been develop and put in production pipelines and applications driven by various machine learning algorithms.