Digital Transformation: A Guide for Business Leaders

Jeremy Gidlow Group CEO


Digital Transformation: A Guide for Business Leaders


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Digital Transformation is the leveraging and exploitation of new digital technologies for strategic competitive advantage, which can often result in significant disruption to industries and markets, destroying pre-existing business models in its wake.

Inevitably, Digital Transformation encompasses changes in how products and services are designed, produced, sold and distributed and, in business processes, management structures, operations, IT systems and customer relationships.

The process effects the wider business so while your organisation may be able to implement new and innovative technologies, if you cannot also transform the business that functions around them you will not be able to establish an advantage or benefit.

To truly understand digital transformation, it is essential to put people and processes above the technology.

While digital transformation is about using technology to improve processes, enhance customer experiences and even build/create new business models, its true essence is about responding to the changes that digital technologies have caused – and continue to cause – in our daily lives, individual businesses and organisations, industries and various segments of society. These changes are not performed by the technologies themselves, but rather their adoption by people.

Due to the significance and scale of change, Digital Transformation can be considered as a journey that effects a wide range of stakeholders and requires total commitment from business leaders to guarantee success.

In this guide for business leaders, we dive into the world of Digital Transformation and disruption to provide the reader with a deeper understanding of what it is, what is causing it, how it impacts the whole enterprise, who is ultimately responsible for its success within the organisation and how to move your projects and innovative ideas forward.