We offer Artificial Intelligence services

Our artificial intelligence services empower organisations to become more data-driven by providing on demand data science, machine learning and AI skills. We help our clients to understand the benefits of their data assets and use data science to inform every decision and action.

Inventory optimisation

Stock inventories at the optimal level and fulfil customer orders to run an effective supply chain aligned to customer demand.

Price optimisation

We ingest your historical data, unify datasets and build a bespoke machine learning model to determine best prices.


Delivering online and offline product recommendations to improve customer experience and conversion rates.


We help marketers to deliver highly personalised customer experiences based on trend and behavioural data.

Leading The Way In AI Solutions for Business

Intechnica has a decade of experience providing AI development and consultancy to some of the UK’s most recognisable companies. With AI and machine learning at the heart of our proprietary AI service, we are well placed to deliver operational and commercial value to businesses of all sizes with AI strategy, development, applications and consultancy.

Our process
Business Assessment

We determine your current data position by framing your problems and opportunities through examining your technology stack, data assets and in-house skills.

Machine Learning Solution

We design AI strategy to meet your desired business outcomes and use machine learning to find patterns in your data that would take years to discover manually.


We can build your bespoke machine learning business solutions and enrich data sets through our partner network before streaming results to websites, email platforms or MI systems.

A New AI Business Partner For Encore Tickets

Artificial Intelligence can sound complicated & understanding where to start can be difficult. Watch our Case Study to find out how Intechnica had the experience, the processes, and the people to help Encore Tickets create onsite recommendations and hyper personalisation techniques that helped Encore Tickets drive growth through all their channels

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