Application Management

Is your technology platform an inhibitor or a differentiator?

Let Intechnica manage, develop and host your in-house software to deliver regular innovation and predictable costs

We examine your source code, review your roadmap and business plan, check your performance requirements and undertake a security audit.

We take control of your software assets and set up a test and development environment so that we can make iterative improvements.

We ensure that there are frequent software releases helping you to meet user expectations and provide customers with a better experience.

Intechnica Application Management

Unlocking business potential to innovate starts with a Technical Assessment. Our Digital Blueprint helps us evaluate your practices, culture strengths and weaknesses. Our world class cloud based infrastructure guarantees 24/7 availability. We manage the development, architecture, security, performance and hosting of client applications.

  • Ensure the optimal operation and maintenance of core business application.
  • Provide customers with the best possible end-user experience.
  • Hand over application management to trusted experts and free up the time of your staff.
  • Align application strategy with business objectives.
  • Application models engineered for stability and agility to enable innovation and growth.
  • Save time and money with systems communicating directly with each other.
  • Deliver a consistent user experience across desktop, tablet and phone.
  • Eliminate duplicate data with real time updates across different platforms.

Regular releases to your technology platform are critical to continued business improvement.

Digital first companies innovate and rapidly release incremental changes
to gain competitive advantage and market share.

We’re Proven to Work

Intechnica’s proven methodology helps businesses enhance control of software delivery and innovate faster. Our product-led approach will save your IT team’s time, help prevent capacity issues, and enable rapid response to changing customer needs.

We delivered a 300% increase in production releases and a significant sales uplift for a major retailer within 18 months of taking ownership of their application. Their eCommerce Director said that our “unique delivery methodology was the key to rapid success”.

Why Choose Intechnica?

Decades of Experience

Our experts have decades of experience creating digital performance strategies and tackling complex infrastructure issues.

Industry Leaders First Choice

We work with hundreds of tech-driven companies in the retail, eCommerce, gambling, insurance and media industries.

Digital Product Development

Our team of Software Developers design and build innovative bespoke digital products using agile delivery methods to meet your business targets.

Pragmatic, Results Driven

Consultancy for mid-size companies with business-critical technology looking to drive business growth using our Digital Blueprint for success.

Experts in Digital Transformation

Intechnica’s expert IT practitioners have worked with over 220 digital leaders across multiple industries.

Technical Assessments

Buy and sell side due diligence and specialist assessments across all industries both pre-and post-sale.


We depend on Intechnica to constantly monitor and manage our business-critical order capture system (OCS) and member facing services – assuring the functional performance of these assets at all times. If our OCS goes down or fails to function optimally we would go out of business.

Peter Walker, Head of IT
fourth hospitality

Intechnica was able to certify from the earliest software lifecycle phases that the solution would deliver against anticipated volume peaks. With their help, we were able to capture the highest possible business value in the shortest time and maximise our ROI on what was a major development investment

Christian Berthelsen, Chief Technology Officer



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