Delivery Acceleration

How do You Speed up Business Change?

Technology should be designed for speed of change –
allowing businesses to discover and develop new opportunities.

Increase revenue and market share
Faster time to market
Exceed user expectations
Save time and money

Accelerating Digital Product Delivery

Speed of innovation is vital for the success of current organisations. It ensures that you meet the needs of your users and stay ahead of competitors. However, creating the capability within your business to innovate at speed is difficult. 

Findings from our Due Diligence practice show that common problems organisations suffer from include poorly defined requirements, key person dependencies, large and unmaintainable sprint backlogs, technical debt and an upward trend in missing delivery deadlines.

Intechnica provides strategy, mentoring, tool implementation support and ongoing development services to improve the velocity that quality software is released.


Long lead times reduce the ability to innovate. Successful companies deliver rapid change in small increments – they measure and learn about each change to optimise results.

Three steps to speeding up your software delivery

We work closely with you during this discovery phase to ensure there is a strong understanding of the product, users and how it should be built. Together we will establish your business goals and define the framework for how we will measure the success of the software and our efficient delivery.

We carry out a review of your security and performance maturity and provide practical recommendations. We provide you with the most appropriate hosting service for your business, including cloud-based solutions. Once stability is ensured, we then create rapid deployment ability so your business can move faster.

We use iterative releases because it allows us to test and make fixes as we develop your product. This guarantees a stable platform which can have frequent enhancements. You can then measure the success of our outcomes against the framework that we drew up together against your business objectives.

Intechnica has worked with Pets and Home since 2015, increasing their eCommerce delivery velocity by 300%. The accelerated pace of change has seen the launch of subscription products, ‘order in store’, Pay by Bank App and Pingit payment options.

This has enabled Pets at Home to create a winning strategy that differentiates them from new conglomerates commoditising their market, such as Amazon.

fourth hospitality

We knew Intechnica had the specialist expertise to help us with the next evolution of our digital offering. Their development methodology process itself proved core to assuring the rapid delivery of our point of sale data integration platform.

Christian Berthelson, Chief Technology Officer
Pets at Home

The accelerated pace of change has seen the launch of subscription products, ‘order in store’, Pay by Bank App and Pingit payment options, enabling us to meet our customers’ demands better than ever before.

Chris Holyland, eCommerce Director



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