Performance Management

Benchmark. Analyse. Optimise

79% of customers

79% customers are less likely
to buy from a slow site.

4 second stopwatch

64% mobile users expect a page
to load within four seconds.

7 percent

A one second delay can cause a 7% decrease in conversions.

We design, build and implement the right Digital Performance Management strategies for your business. Intechnica support rapid business growth by ensuring the correct tooling, processes and people are in place.

Intechnica can design, manage and deliver your performance project for you. We offer Digital Strategy Performance Maturity Audits and Testing services.

Digital Performance Strategy

Intechnica work with businesses to help them design, build and deliver the culture, process, skills and technical strategies needed to create and maintain optimal system performance. Effective Digital Performance Strategy delivers:

  • Maximised revenue from online platforms.
  • Improved customer experience.
  • Optimised cloud and datacentre platform costs.
  • Increased conversion rates.

Better performance management drives profit.

To manage complex infrastructure efficiently the right tooling must be in place and utilised effectively with knowledge on best practice.

Intechnica is partnered with the world’s leading application performance management (APM) and real user monitoring (RUM) tooling providers and are both vendor and tool agnostic.

We can help you become a digital leader by showing you best practice for monitoring tech stacks and you can rely on us to recommend tooling that works smoothly with your infrastructure and is most valuable to your business.

We assist with the configuration, set up and optimisation of tooling and monitoring methods.

Intechnica identifies gaps in your personnel and knowledge. We can help you put the right people in place or train your staff in best practice in tooling and monitoring.

  • Map complete customer journey with all site visits and transactions tracked.
  • Discover usage of application features and pages with the highest conversion rates.
  • End to end visibility and clear understanding of performance degradation.
  • Resolve issues with web services, SQL and coding before users are impacted by utilising real-time data and advanced reporting.
  • Proactively identify bottlenecks and resolve performance problems with instant alerting on site and application issues.

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Performance Maturity Audit

Our Performance Maturity Framework improves the performance, stability and availability of your systems. Consistent high performance is delivered by aligning people, process and tooling to systematically improve performance. 


High performance systems rely heavily on continuous improvement to ensure they do not regress in the face of ever advancing technological innovation. Even if an organisation has just completed a rigorous performance test, it is possible the system has already experienced performance regression. 


Our Performance Assurance service provides a multi-disciplinary team of performance specialists to assess, maintain and improve the performance of complex digital systems.

We have a proven track record in delivering Performance Maturity Reviews for blue chip companies.

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Deliver the change needed to adopt new technology
effectively at minimum cost.


Peak performance can only be assured by understanding the capability of your platform. Results from our testing clearly explain what is going on in your systems, show any immediate infrastructure changes required and recommend further tests to help boost performance.

  • Front and back end Website testing from experts with decades of experience in tackling complex performance issues.
  • Website improvements – We provide specialist advice on how to boost website speed and maximise throughput during peak trading periods.
  • Competitor reviews – Intechnica provides a holistic report with actionable recommendations comparing performance against peers and benchmarking against industry averages.
  • Load testing Load bearing measures performance during spikes in traffic to discover site capacity, prepare for peak trading and future proof your systems.
  • Mobile assurance reviews – Improve customer experience, increase conversions and revenue and successfully monitor and manage mobile performance.

Why Choose Intechnica?

Experts in Digital Performance

Intechnica finds performance improvements that increase online revenue during peak trading periods.

Decades of Experience

Our experts have decades of experience creating digital performance strategies and tackling complex performance issues.

Highly Bespoke Consultancy

Intechnica’s innovative digital performance strategy accomplishes long-term business objectives, increases revenues and achieves multinational growth.

Industry Leaders First Choice

We work with hundreds of tech-driven companies in the retail, eCommerce, gambling, insurance and media industries.

Performance Testing

Understand max throughput, bottlenecks and availability. Optimise your load time, user experience and revenue conversion.

Application Performance Management

Our proactive approach to monitoring helps businesses to understand the performance of different environments and platforms, and gain real insight into their website.

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