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Rapid product development allows companies to exploit opportunities more quickly.

Digital has introduced more ways to interact with customers than ever before. Smart speakers, Internet of things, mobile apps and subscription services are just some of the latest ways people make online transactions. We ensure businesses profit from new methods of interacting with their customers by utilising feedback from real users.

Digital products need to be developed in short sprint cycles with measurable business outcomes in mind. Intechnica uses Agile delivery in product development because it decreases technology spend and it helps to create innovative software, differentiated from competitors by adding customer value.

We needed a development partner that could quickly architect and deploy new technologies and system enhancements. Intechnica offered all the capabilities we were looking for – everything from design to performance testing, monitoring and engineering services.

Peter Walker, Head of IT

The biggest risk in product development is building something nobody wants or needs. Best practice is to take small, measured steps, test and learn with real users.

We’re Proven to Work

Intechnica minimise the time between conceiving a product and testing the idea. We create product led multi-disciplinary teams to define and rapidly build your digital products.

Our approachable teams work iteratively, with short feedback loops, solving multiple complex business problems one step at a time. 

Roadmap planning

Live testing

Agile delivery

Deliver measurable value

Intechnica helped Nisa implement a next generation eCommerce platform architecture that delivered the scalability, agility, improved performance and ease of maintenance required for their applications. 

We re-engineered Nisa’s online order system to exchange information with a complex array of mission-critical backend systems. This gave outlets product catalogues tailored to their location and store type.

Technology should be designed for the speed of change allowing you to discover
and develop new opportunities.

fourth hospitality

We knew Intechnica had the specialist expertise to help us with the next evolution of our digital offering. Their development methodology process itself proved core to assuring the rapid delivery of our point of sale data integration platform.

Christian Berthelsen, Chief Technology Officer



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