Project Rescue

Project and Programme Rescue

Projects have a high failure rate, our research indicates this is because people with the right skill sets are in short supply, there is often a lack of alignment between tech staff and decision makers, and because of technical debt in the existing code. 

The ability to launch new products and services to the market predictably and quickly is a key competitive advantage.

If the causes of project failure are left unaddressed it can result in software products being written-off or having to be completely re-written. Software rewrites means investment has been wasted and additional capital and leadership commitment is required to get the project back to delivering business value.

Intechnica’s turnaround services are based upon our proprietary Digital Blueprint, which we developed over the past decade working with over 220 mid-market companies during their hyper-growth phases. We provide business interventions to improve chances of commercial success and ensure IT projects are delivered and add value. 

The Intechnica Digital Blueprint improves your chances of success using technology to deliver value, innovation and rapid change.

Intechnica Digital Blueprint Framework

Our assessment service offers an independent view of root causes and the corrective actions that should be put in place. We create turnaround plans with realistic timeframes. Our experienced team of Interim CTOs and Programme Directors can also take responsibility for delivering the recovery plan.

Intechnica provide Technical Assessments, Interim Management and Digital Product Development Teams to assist with Project Rescue.

David Horton, Principal Consultant

David helps businesses assess technology systems and define change management programmes. He has over 15 years’ experience in Technical Governance, working in the manufacturing, retail, betting, and eCommerce sectors.

Gayle Durham, Managing Consultant

Gayle helps businesses define change management programmes and assess technology systems. She has over 20 years’ experience in technical service delivery, working in Technical Governance, operations and consultancy.

Dave Bamber, Technical Consultant

With 11 years in the IT industry, Dave has experience advising global businesses on technology strategy. He specialises in technical excellence, development team organisation, AWS and application architecture.

Adrian Moss, CTO

Adrian has a broad, cross functional skill set in technology leadership gained in technology centred PLCs and high growth start-ups. He has experience in SaaS and digital businesses overseeing Digital Transformation, lean Agile, Devops and offshore working practices.

Why Choose Intechnica?

Decades of Experience

Our experts have decades of experience creating digital performance strategies and tackling complex infrastructure issues.

Industry Leaders First Choice

We work with hundreds of tech-driven companies in the retail, eCommerce, gambling, insurance and media industries.

Digital Product Development

Our team of Software Developers design and build innovative bespoke digital products using agile delivery methods to meet your business targets.

Pragmatic, Results Driven

Consultancy for mid-size companies with business-critical technology looking to drive business growth using our Digital Blueprint for success.

Experts in Digital Transformation

Intechnica’s expert IT practitioners have worked with over 220 digital leaders across multiple industries.

Technical Assessments

Buy and sell side due diligence and specialist assessments across all industries both pre-and post-sale.

GCA Altium

In our experience Intechnica deliver real business value to the companies they assess and the processes they are involved with, rather than the usual risk mitigation and box ticking exercise that appears common in the industry.

Dominic Orsini, Director
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