Specialist Assessment

Security Assessment

Security is a major concern for all businesses, especially where systems hold sensitive data.

Data breaches cause reputational damage, increased operating costs and can result in financial penalties.

Intechnica’s holistic Security Assessment gives businesses reassurance that all available practical measures to protect business critical systems are being taken.

  • Penetration testing.
  • Vulnerability scanning.
  • Review of security processes and tooling.

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Security Assessment
Performance Maturity Audit

Performance Maturity Audit

Software performance is crucial to businesses, especially where users are sensitive to response times and in systems with high volumes of traffic.

Intechnica takes a multidisciplinary, holistic view of performance delivery. We consider performance from the earliest stages to the latest, from an application, platform and network perspective. 

Our comprehensive Performance Maturity Audit highlights strengths and weaknesses and gives businesses an actionable plan.

  • Improve system performance.
  • Decrease ongoing operational risks.
  • Understand the value of your software.

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Programme Consultancy

Intechnica’s experienced practitioners have used our Digital Blueprint For Success to help 100’s of businesses implement change programmes.

We also provide Technical Governance to validate your change programme and give an independent measure of progress.

We can provide an independent third-party view on all the various aspects of your change programme.

  • How feasible is your programme?
  • Are you taking the right approach?
  • Is the reporting accurate and appropriate?

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Product Roadmap Assessment

Product Roadmap Assessment

The right roadmap approach is vital for the effective and rapid delivery of Product Development.

We use expert industry knowledge to assess your roadmap.

  • Ensure your business’s software development efforts are aligned.
  • Benchmark your software development approach against competitors.

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Code Review

Intechnica completes a pragmatic Code Review to highlight problems you might experience, either currently or in the future, and suggest areas for improvements.

If your code base has technical debt delivering change can slow to a halt and in extreme cases, it can prevent any release of code into a product. If your code base is well constructed it will allow accelerated low risk changes.

Our qualified experts provide valuable feedback that will help you understand the value of your software asset and plan future development work. We use static analysis tooling to inform businesses about the characteristics of their systems that will influence further development work including:

  • Extensibility
  • Discoverability
  • Maintainability

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Code Review

Development Process Assessment

Process is key to effective software development. A good process should avoid dependency on a single person, promote collaboration and knowledge sharing to minimise risk, create control and avoid barriers to change.

Empower your team to accelerate change and spend time adding business value rather than fighting fires. 

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UX Review

User experience is vital to web applications – one confusing step in a transaction often results in customers abandoning purchases. Positive user experiences will increase the throughput your system receives.

Ensure best practice is used throughout your system with a full UX Review. Learn how your users interact with your system and test changes with live users to save resources and drive improvements.

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UX Review
Monitoring Assessment

Monitoring Assessment

Monitoring is essential for companies with business-critical web applications where user experience is important. Intechnica assess your requirements for monitoring and work with you to implement the right technology, people and processes.

Gain granular insight with accessible information on your system including user performance across different devices, uptime statistics, business metrics and the stress on your infrastructure.

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The Digital Blueprint has become a fundamental part of ECI’s investment Due Diligence process, as well as being widely recognised within the corporate finance community. The reports enable investment stakeholders to understand the technical capability of their asset and how its technology can be enhanced and aligned with the group strategy to maximise the value on exit.

Lewis Bantin, Partner
GCA Altium

In our experience Intechnica deliver real business value to the companies they assess and the processes they are involved with, rather than the usual risk mitigation and box ticking exercise that appears common in the industry.

Dominic Orsini, Director

Intechnica’s IT Due Diligence reports provide insight into the quality of a company’s technology function in an accessible manner for non-technical leaders to digest.

Nick Edgar, Senior Director
LPG Leisure Pass Group

Intechnica provided LPG with an objective view of our core IT systems and recommended how best to utilise the technology to unify disparate systems and generate business value. We subsequently commissioned their team to help us with our transformation programme.

Ted Stimpson, CEO
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