API Queuing

TrafficDefender’s API Queuing Can Help Maximise API Call Rates, Optimising System Performance and Increasing Related Revenues

Every website, every system has a capacity breaking point, beyond which it can no longer function. When a website or system fails due to an overflow of traffic or API calls, all the visitors and subsequent API calls are affected, damaging customer experiences. In extreme conditions total website or system outages can occur.

A recent survey showed that 86% of consumers would rather queue to buy a product than have a website or system crash on them. Nearly half of consumers have missed out on buying a product, service or App because of a website or system crash, but 47% would have been prepared to wait more than three minutes in an online queue had there been one in place.

In addition to TrafficDefender’s Visitor Management, Bot Control and Traffic Routing modules, API Queuing offers organisations the ability to optimise system performance when horizontal or vertical scaling cannot be achieved.


  • Overcome short term scaling challenges
  • Optimise system performance
  • Enhance user experience
  • Reduce server overhead
  • Maximise peak event API calls
  • Protect marketing campaign investments
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