Traffic Routing

TrafficDefender Reduces Hardware and Resource Costs by Providing Simple Control of Traffic Routing Across Multiple End-Points

Traffic routing across multiple end-points can be a very complex and difficult operation, often requiring a wide variety of hardware, software and network engineers to keep everything working. Changes can take weeks to develop, with time lag resulting from propagation of changes, and ongoing maintenance and management costs can quickly become expensive. The combination of these factors can slow down the pace at which companies can innovate and draw resource away from other development initiatives.

TrafficDefender has the capability to enable businesses to very quickly, cost-effectively and simply control traffic routing across multiple end-points, without the need for additional hardware, software, code changes or a team of network engineers. Flow of traffic can be controlled across multiple datacentres in real-time, at the click of a button. Businesses experiencing issues with one or more datacentres can very quickly divert traffic to other centres to ensure visitor experience is not adversely effected. It also enables rapid horizontal scaling, simply by entering the newly created end-point into our system and applying a weighting score to start the flow of traffic. Disaster recovery is also made quicker and easier to bring online by changing one group of settings in the user-interface, activating and sending traffic to your reserve infrastructure while you fix issues with your failed infrastructure.


  • Ensure transactional website uptime
  • Enable cost-effective scaling
  • Rapid resurrection of websites after disaster
  • Greater speed and control of website migrations
  • Weighted traffic routing
  • Route traffic across unlimited datacentres
  • Improve business continuity
  • Reverse proxy data flow across all datacentres
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