Visitor Queuing

TrafficDefender’s Visitor Queuing Guarantees Website Uptime to Enable You and Your Business to Maximise Peak Event Trading Revenues

Over the next 5 years, online sales are projected to grow by 48%, and continue to grow. Growth in transactions means growth in daily concurrent visitors, putting increased demand on web and application servers. Each and every marketing drive an organisation invests in adds extra pressure on already stretched systems and infrastructure. The spikes these marketing campaigns create can often have the power to cause catastrophic website failures, resulting in lost revenues and damaged brand reputation.

TrafficDefender sits outside website infrastructure to quietly monitor visitor volumes. As these volumes increase to capacity thresholds, TrafficDefender activates a fair queue for subsequent visitors and displays a white labelled queue page. This ensures websites remain trading with a full quota of paying customers, helping businesses maximise peak event trading revenues.


  • Reduce server overhead
  • Enhance user experience
  • Increase capacity for paying customers
  • Monetise your web content
  • Maximise peak event trading revenues
  • Increase site speed and performance
  • Protect marketing campaign investments
  • Improve SEO performance
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