It made absolute sense to us to deploy TrafficDefender to ensure that we could continue to serve more customers simultaneously than we ever had, even if the event turned out to be much bigger than we expected
Adam Warne, Group IT Director at
Intechnica have enabled us to engineer a hugely flexible and high performance commerce system. Acting as an extension of our IT team, they’ve enabled us to accelerate the digitisation of business processes without risk – and zero errors
Peter Walker, Head of IT at Nisa Retail
We had TrafficDefender configured and tested within a week of us starting the engagement. It was very straightforward. We piloted TrafficDefender for our sale in December 2014 and from there we went to full production with it – it was a no-brainer
Sharon Lowrie, Director of Technology & Business Change at Hobbs
In one of the prime time slots, several 100 of our customers were buffered for about 90 seconds by TrafficDefender, so instead of getting no response or a very slow response, they had a controlled response from TrafficDefender that indicated when they would be able to get into the website.
Jeff Cattle, Head of Computer Services at JD Williams