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Digital Experts

You need an ambitious company to meet your demands and our continuously improving software can set you apart from your competitors. With Intechnica you will never fall behind because we are always moving forward.

We Want to Help Others

At Intechnica we share what we learn. Our CTO Andy Still has written several books on tech and we compete in hackathons, speak at tech events and support charities such as Forever Manchester.

We invented the Digital Blueprint, a unique methodology for helping organisations meet the challenges of digital business, and the Performance Maturity Audit approach to peak performance systems.  

We’re UK Based With a Global Team

Our teams benefit from some of the brightest people from across the world working together to make Intechnica the best. Intechnica is an open, tolerant and welcoming place to work, where ground breaking software is made.

We Focus on Quality

We get things done quickly but we also focus on being the best. We don’t cut corners to get things done, we work hard to provide the best possible solution for our clients.

AO.com Case Study    Fourth Hospitality Case Study    Hobbs Case Study    Nisa Case Study    William Hill Case Study 

Want to hear more about our history? Find out how Intechnica was formed after tickets to Glastonbury became impossible to buy.

Our leadership team help shape our company moving forward.

Want to join us? You’ll be working some of the brightest tech minds in the industry.

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