Our Values

We are a team.

We believe in efficient teamwork and systems.

We are determined.

We don’t let obstacles stand in our way and strive to deliver positive change.

We are open and flexible.

We are humble and professional.

We learn and teach.

We strive for excellence but are pragmatic and evidence-based.

We are agents of commercial growth.

We help our clients and ourselves grow and succeed.


Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

As a team, Intechnica feels strongly about creating a diverse and inclusive environment. We are committed to increasing our diversity and, where necessary, becoming better.

We are continually discussing diversity internally, to discover what we can do to lead by example and make meaningful changes within our organization and the technology community.

These discussions and the activity they lead to are ongoing with the view to weaving our continued learnings into our values.

What we are doing:


Implementing transparent reporting

We have carried out a survey to understand the current diversity of the Netacea and Intechnica Group. This information will be regularly updated and made publicly available, in line with GDPR legislation for the protection of personally identifiable information.

Reviewing our current policies

The Netacea and Intechnica Group has experienced rapid growth over the last two years, and as such we recognize a need to review our current diversity, inclusion and welfare policies to reflect the size of the team and the requirements of those within it. This review is inclusive of external facing policies that are shared with investors, as well as internal policies such as parental leave and mental health support.

Establishing diversity champions

The diversity champions are committed to raising awareness around diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, via a range of social activities and educational resources.

Creating a training programme for all

All employees will carry out annual training on diversity and equality, organized by the business.

Reforming recruitment

Where possible, we seek to create a blind process to the early stage of recruitment. The name, age and gender of the applicant will be removed. We will also require our recruitment partners to present applicants from a diverse background, while we assess our own recruitment advertising messaging and strategy to ensure it reaches a diverse audience.  

We hope this is useful, and please let us know if you have any questions. Contact the team at more@intechnica.co.uk.

Our History

Intechnica was founded by Jeremy Gidlow and Andy Still in 2006 following the creation of the system that successfully sold Glastonbury 2005 tickets. Technology was becoming business critical to more organisations than ever before and they saw this as an opportunity to provide the market with scalable technology.

Intechnica received backing from Mercia and has been growing ever since.

Intechnica developed Netacea – the world’s most advanced web traffic management software – a new layer of security dedicated to bot detection and mitigation. After several years as TrafficDefender, the product was re-developed and re-named Netacea, which now has its own dedicated team.

Intechnica captured best practice of tech-enabled businesses such as AO, ASOS and Channel 4 and created the Digital Blueprint for success to benchmark businesses against 250 high growth companies.

In the past two years, Intechnica disrupted the practice of pre-investment technical due diligence. We now lead this practice, have won contracts with mid-market private equity houses including GCA Altium, NorthEdge and NVM, and have increased our client base by 500%.

We help businesses with…
  • IT Due Dilligence
  • Red Flag Review
  • Vendor Due Dilligence
  • Agile Coaching
  • IT Assessment
  • Interim Leadership
  • Buyers Briefings
  • Organisational Enablement
  • CTO Selection Support
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