Commercial Director

Location: Manchester
Type: Senior
Salary: Competitive

About Intechnica


Companies struggle to get the results from technology that we know are possible.

Well implemented technology can be world-changing, it removes waste and makes us better at what we do. Where technology is ignored or used badly, we fail.

Intechnica’s mission is to help others achieve the true value that technology can offer and increase their success and value.

We achieve this through our excellence at understanding how to improve a technology function to deliver business value and then assisting the company to deliver those improvements. Our strengths include architecture, strategy, change management, technical leadership selection, software development and cloud platform management. More recently we have created a data science and machine learning services. In the future, we will look to other areas that we can build capabilities to help businesses succeed.

Intechnica is trusted by over 40 of the UK’s leading Private Equity firms to help assess the quality of technology in their investments. Last year we supported over 70 investments. Some of our trade projects include the support of leading eCommerce platforms both B2B and B2C, the creation of a robotic automation process for invoice reconciliation using smart data-driven decision making, visual image recognition software for the protection of children and the use of data to improve product recommendations.

Last year we grew by 40% in revenue and profitability and look set to continue this trend into this year. We have a great reputation in the market and our clients recommend us. This year we are looking to expand our services overseas into the Nordics followed by Germany and America after that. By 2023 we want to have grown from 65 to over 200 people and increased our revenues by 300%. We believe that this is possible, based on our current growth and the market opportunity.


Our Values


We have a hardworking and professional culture but believe that you should have fun doing it. We look for people who align with our values:

• We are a team: we believe that effective teamwork is the key to successful delivery.
• We are determined: we don’t let obstacles stand in our way and strive to deliver positive change.
• We are open and flexible: we listen to others and are prepared to change our views.
• We learn and teach: we strive to be as good as we can and to be effective at developing others.
• We create value: we help our clients and Intechnica to grow and succeed.

We are a diverse organisation and proud of it. We have people of varied ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion and political outlook. What unites us is our belief that technology makes a difference.



The Role


We are looking for and experienced professional technology sales leader who can help us achieve our next stage of growth.

This will require scaling our sales and marketing team to three times its current size over the next 3 years, to support double digit revenue growth year on year”.

This will require scaling our sales and marketing in an effective manor from 6 to 12 over the next 12 months and then to a predicted 20 by 2023. You must be able to develop and execute an evidence-based sales strategy, and plan a subsequent revenue forecast on which we can rely as a business.

You will be the commercial voice in the company who knows how to reach our potential customers and convince them that we can help them. You will know how to design compelling services and win the trust of new customers. You must understand how to negotiate and solve client issues as they arise.

You must be able to shape and nurture your team to be successful and command their respect.


Role Purpose:


• Delivery: You will provide predictable and profitable revenue growth

• Sales strategy: Work collaboratively with the CEO, Senior Leadership Team and Sales and Marketing Team to create a realistic and robust plan to deliver the business objectives.

• Sales & Marketing Leadership: Ability to build, inspire, lead and develop the Sales and Marketing Team.

• Product/Service Design: Spot industry trends and help us create compelling services offerings that we can profitably deliver. Conversely to recognise when we should retire a service.


Finally, you must be passionate about technology and understand how it can help businesses to succeed.


Key Skills & Experience


• Consultancy Sales Experience: Ability to draw out and understand client’s needs and to translate them into a deliverable service or project. Most commonly our clients need us to help them answer the question “What should we do?” rather than “Can you do what we need?”. Our largest sales most commonly suit “Challenger” type sales people.

• Team Management: The line management of a digital and conventional sales team.

• Budget Management: Designing, managing and reporting against a sales and marketing budget.

• Private Equity & Investment Experience: Understanding of PE investment decision making and lifecycles.

• Account Strategy: Ability to understand the internal structure of a business, its decision-making process, who the key people are that would benefit from our services and what their drivers and priorities are.

• Marketing: Digital and traditional marketing.

• Understanding of Technology: Whilst we do not expect you to be a Master of Technology, we do expect you to have a good appreciation of its benefits and challenges in a business context.


Personal Qualities


• Entrepreneurial.

• Absolute alignment with our core values.

• Significant alignment with our service beliefs.

• Influencer: capable of building trust and rapport with their peers and clients.

• Challenger: where appropriate, help clients see their needs, and the solution, in a different/better way.

• Passionate about technology.

• Committed to continuous learning. Stays up to date with current technical trends

• Persistence and determined to remove obstacles

• Excellence in written and verbal communication skills





• Salary: £120,000
• Bonus: competitive bonus structure to be discussed on application.
• Company share Options:
• Pension
• Private health care
• Life insurance


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