Our Technical Partners

Intechnica are committing to working with the best UK and Global Partners to ensure we continue to be the UK leaders in digital performance.





We Are Looking for Alliance Partners….Please Get in Touch!

At Intechnica we work with partners to help grow your business as well as our own and by joining our Partner Program we believe this creates a relationship which will deliver success. We will work with your team to create a plan from the start that encompasses a structured on boarding process including certification through to supporting your organisation in creating and winning new business customers.

Some of the benefits of our program depend on your progress through our different Partner Status but here are some of the key areas we would be looking to add value to your success:

  • Support – Pre Sales and BAU
  • Training – Sales & Technical
  • Marketing Plan including MDF, Lead Genration
  • Incentives including Lead Registration and Tiered Margins based on Partner Status